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Crazy Stalker

Have you ever felt so annoyed and yet you can't do anything but to ignore and pretend everything's okay?

I'm going to share with you about my crazy stalker. I think it's not worth my time but I can't help but hate him whoever he is!

I was sleeping one Saturday night, June 12 (If I remember it right), when my phone rang at 2 in the morning. I answered the phone and talked to him the first time. He told me he got my number from a friend and I was annoyed when he started asking me things that are personal. I didn’t answer his questions. He even told me he miss me. How can he miss me when I don't even know him? I hang up and turned off my phone.

The next day, he sent text messages. I told him to stop texting and calling me since I don't know him and I'm not interested. He answered ''no, I don't want to.' He didn't stop.

He even changed phone number so I answered his call again without knowing that he is my stalker. When I started asking who it was, I realized it's the same person who keeps on calling me.

I can't just change my phone number because once I did…I have to update ALL my contact information records. I've been using this cell phone number for such a long time. Before I also encountered people who send me messages or even call me but they all stopped. This one is different. What the hell is he trying to do?! I don't even know if I know him...or he knows me.

He's always texting and calling. All I did is to delete his messages...ignore, turn off my phone.

I know the only solution is to change my number...but I can't do something like that just because of a crazy man like him. I've been using my "sim card" for such a long time and I won't throw it away because of him!

Even if people find you attractive because you have a stalker...for me, it's not flattering because it's so annoying… >_<

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