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Life Balance

Life Balance-It's Not All About Work

Most people will spend at least ten hours a day dealing with work. This includes time spent working, a lunch break, and the commute to and from work. If you include the time it takes you to get ready in the morning, it may be even longer. That's a heck of a lot of time! By the time you get home from work, you may only have three or four hours of free time before you have to go to bed and get up and do it all over again. This can take a toll on your family as well as yourself.

This is why it's important to have balance in our lives. Spending too much time in one area of your life and not enough in another will eventually create a heap of challenges for you later on down the road. So it's best to take a look at your life now so that you can avoid losing your balance and ending up in a ditch.


It's very important to spend time with our families. In order to make sure you do, schedule them into your calendar. Better yet, put them first on your daily to-do lists.

When it comes to your loved ones it's not always about the quantity of time you spend with them but more about the quality. If you have reserved some time to be with a child or other special person, make sure you are fully present for them. Make the time all about them, and do what they would love to do rather than what you want to do. What most people want to know is that they are loved and cared about. So if you work many hours at a job each day or are spending time working on your new career plan or studying for a new qualification to get you closer to your career goals, there are things you can that will help your family to know you are thinking about them and that you care.


Making time for friends can be as simple as calling them on the phone for a chat every now and then. This lets them know that they are in your thoughts and that they are important to you. Little gestures such as sending your friends a card in the mail, remembering their birthday, and lending them a helping hand every now and then are also ways you can make time for your friends.

Setting up a girls night out with friends is also important to do every now and then. Not only does this help maintain your friendship, it also creates a great opportunity for you and your friend or friends to relax and have some fun.


There is no one more important than you. Without you, many people's lives would not be the same. So make sure to make time for yourself each day.

Taking care of yourself can be as simple as spending some quiet time at the park, taking a needed nap, reading a good book, or just sitting and watching your favorite TV show.

Taking care of yourself also means incorporating some type of exercise into your life. Not only will it help you to relieve stress, it helps to clear your mind by giving you something else to think about and focus on. Even if it's just walking 30 minutes each day, you will feel much better than if you didn't.

Developing healthy eating habits is also important when it comes to taking care of you. Not only will this help you to remain healthy, it will help to boost your energy.

You also need to make sure you get enough sleep. With as busy as we are in life, getting a good night's rest each evening is extremely important. If your body doesn't get the rest it needs, you will feel tired and it will have a negative impact on your mood. So be sure to set up a good sleep routine so that you can start each day well rested.

Life does not have to be all about work. For every morning that you wake up, you have a choice when it comes to how you will approach your day. So take the time to add some balance in your life. Doing so will help to improve your overall life and well being.

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