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Love beyond distance

How to not let your love life get affected by distances…

Trust Your Partner

More than any other relationship, a long distance relationship needs individuals to immensely trust each other. If you really love your partner then trust him/her and do not let distance be a reason to affect it. If you show faith in them, they will respond and will be willing to put faith in you. Do not doubt or question your partner in situations which you would have otherwise been okay with.

Make it Special

You would have showered your beloved with gifts, dinners and cards. So, why not do it when your special one is hundreds of miles away. It always brings a smile to the face of the other person when you send them letters, gifts and flowers. Create special hand-made gifts, plan surprises or write long letters- things that you might not be able to do if you are together! (lack of time and continuous presence). It tells them how much you think about them and miss them. Do it on special occasions like birthdays and valentine’s day but also do it when you feel you want to do it!


A long distance relationship moves ahead on the ability of two people to talk to each other. Leave no room for miscommunication. Talk about your feelings and let the other person know that you miss them, crave for them and love them. Give detailed descriptions of your daily activities and people you met- talk about everything under the sun!

Connect Beyond the Physical

Look at the positives of a long distance romance. It is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your partner at an emotional level. Usually when two people are physically together, a lot of things are taken for granted! You have the chance to know your partner at a deeper level by talking about the smallest emotion. Remember, love is not only a physical bond but also an emotional one so make sure that the physical absence opens doors for an emotional bonding between you both!


Instead of sulking over not being able to go for a movie together, think about all the things that you can do to tell him/her that you love him/her. Give your special one your time. Just because he is not next to you doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t need your it, in-fact they need more time, love and affection than ever! Call them as often as you can and if your time-zones are different then given them a wakeup call or simply call them at the middle of the night to tell them that you miss them! Remember, even 5 minutes of your time can make a lot of difference!

Be Occupied

Remember, an idle mind can be a devil’s workshop! Yes, long intervals of separations can be demanding but all you need is to be slightly patient and one thing that certainly helps is to keep yourself occupied in different activities. Do not let your mind wander and instead keep yourself engaged in something creative. You will eventually realize that not only you are utilizing your time for good but also that the activity is giving you more fodder to chew on because you not just learn something new but by meeting new people you are also expanding your social circle thus gathering quite a bit of gossip!

Plan Your Next Meeting

Plan about his or your next trip. Discuss the various things that you want to do and make a wish-list. Talk about it frequently and show excitement. It not only helps you feel better but also tells the other person that you are excited about the meeting and gives him/her a reason to look forward to it thus leading to a very enjoyable and memorable meeting!

Don’t Give into Temptations

It’s very easy to get distracted in the absence of your partner. There are scores of young men and women all around you and when you look at your friends and peers hanging around with their partners, you certainly feel the pinch. It is at this time that you need to realize how important your partner for you is. If he/she is someone that you cherish for life then just hold on and don’t yield to temptations. A weak moment now can just ruin your relationship and probably your entire life!

Make Use of Technology

In today’s times, it has become so easy to connect with people all around the world! You can chat, send e-cards, see each other on webcam, talk on VOIP phones, use voice chats and even play online games! So, go ahead, experiment and make use of the latest technology to connect and spice your love life in a way that normal couples cannot do!

Be Rational

You will gain nothing by constant cribbing, nagging and complaining. Remember that your partner is going through the same emotions that you are and that he is going through the same turmoil. Your constant complaints will only add to his problems and might force him/her to call quits. Do let him/her know when you feel down but that is not the only thing you should talk about all the time. Be rational, stay strong and always remember that there will be a time that you both will be together….forever!

"'I don't care about the distance...I just care about you."


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