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That’s my Dad!

June 20, 2010, today is a special day to all the daddies out there because we are celebrating Father’s Day.  As I opened my Facebook account I saw wall posts of my friends greeting all the dads. They also greeted their own father and one common word that I noticed is the word “Best”, meaning to them their dad is the best. I also consider my papa to be the best and coolest dad on earth. I maybe forgetful, but I remember most of our childhood memories with papa. Here are some of them.

50 Things about my Dad

50. When I was a kid, after his work, I remember him giving us 1 Peso ($0.022) which is a big amount of money when we were little. *We have to show our respect first before he will give us that. Respect is by kissing him and the way Filipino show respect to older people - “Pagmamano”

49. He will try to catch each one of us (I have 2 siblings, 1 brother and 1 sister, I’m the eldest) for the bath time. We grew up in a simple life and we usually play first in the “poso” (It is where people fetch water in the Philippines). He will give us time to play first but when the time is up, he will start running to catch each one of us. Lucky me, I’m always being caught last, Ha!

48. He always brings us before in a school where there is a big garden at the back of it. We usually go early in the morning or every time there are no people in it. My siblings and I will play by riding swings, and sometimes we can even get money there. (Free money meaning we always see 20 Peso bills ($0.5) while in the garden)

47. He is my number one fan! When I was a kid I like dancing in front of my family and relatives. I always let my papa watch my performance first before letting other people to watch it. I remember him laughing and clapping while watching his little daughter dance.

46. He always walks with me to my school when I was an elementary student. When I was in grade one, while walking we will make a bet about my grade one teacher. The bet is about whether we can see my teacher’s one strap of her bra. Teacher tends not to notice her strap fell down on her shoulder so we can see it sometimes.

45. He chews food first and he will let us eat it. Though it may sound disgusting, when we were little, he will really chew first and then give it to us to eat. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because he’s our father.

44. He always listens to whatever story we have to tell. Even if it’s about our crushes, bullies from school, etc

43. He will tell their (mama and papa) love story. Funny thing about it is he will add something which is not true, like my mom being so crazy in love with him, when in fact; it’s the other way around.

42. The way he tells us about his childhood adventures which we don’t find amazing, rather funny! Ha!

41. He is so happy and proud when people say that we (his children) are so lovely.

40. He can’t call us using our real names. It’s either mispronounced or over pronounced. For example, instead of Aldrin, he will say, Aldrwin.

39. He loves Dolphy! When watching anything where Dolphy is in it, I can just hear him laughing so hard, and then I will check to see if it’s really funny,, for me, it’s just a simple joke but he find it so funny. *Dolphy is the comedy king in the Philippines. (See how “babaw” is my dad? Haha)

38. I inherited his best and favorite hobby! Watching TV! We’re both addicted to it.

37. My papa and I sometimes have some misunderstandings especially when watching TV!

36. When I don’t want him to watch TV, I will do naughty things such as hiding the remote control, blocking his favorite channel, or turning off the general switch and pretend there is no electricity…but he won’t be mad at all, he will just laugh and tell me to let him watch TV.

35. My sister and I tend to fight when sleeping because we want papa to be beside us. In the end, he will be in the middle of us. My sister will sleep while hugging right side of papa and mine is the left.

34. When he went to other country to work, we will often do “voice tapes” (Recording our voice messages to a cassette tape and send it to him). What I do is to write all that I need to say because my little brother is spending most of the time holding the microphone.

33. When I’m sick or any of my siblings, he will always buy us something (fruits, toys, etc)

32. He can’t drive a tricycle when we were kids! He tried once and failed, so we end up laughing him.

31. He likes watching action movies!

30. He eats anything! (Any kind of food)

29. He doesn’t have table manners. Sometimes we will call his attention when he has rice around his mouth. I think we (my sister and I) inherited being clumsy from him.

28. He ALWAYS eats using his right hand.

27. He ALWAYS smoke! (Lately he stopped because of his heart problem)

26. He likes drinking! (Alcoholic drinks)

25. He usually don’t wear shirt at home…only shorts.

24. He can’t sing well! He sings when he’s drinking with his siblings or friends

23. He has his own words. This means he has his own dictionary of mispronounced words.

22. His English is funny…but he likes watching English movies.

21. He snores so loud. It’s annoying.

20. When drunk, he is so talkative (well, whether he’s drunk or not he’s like that Ha!)

19. He is so funny when he dances! I don’t even know if you can call it dance.

18. He likes WHITE t-shirt.

17. He’s not so strict when it comes to my suitors or boyfriend to be.

16. He calls me his “boss” because of certain reasons. He’s afraid of me. I think because I’m a little spoiled ^_^

15. Sometimes my mom and I will fight against him…but when mom is mad, I turn to him.

14. If asked what gift he wants to receive from us, he always says BRIEF!

13. He panicked when any of us (siblings) got hurt or injured because he will surely be scolded by mom. My mama doesn’t want to see us being hurt or injured or wounded that will turn into scars.

12. He LOVES watching Fernando Poe Jr. action movies (Fernando Poe Jr. is the most famous action star in the Philippines. He is dead now)

11. It’s a bit annoying to hear noise when papa eats.

10. He always buys us Ice Cream!

09. He is so “makulit”. When discussing some things, he will ask so many questions about it. Sometimes, we just pretend we don’t know the answers even if we do! Ha!

08. Repeat what you said please. We always have to do this. I don’t know if he doesn’t pay much attention or he can’t just hear it.

07. He is a loving husband. We can always see it.

06. My PC encountered problems when papa starts using it so I removed his account! (Until now he’s begging me to create an account for him but we don’t want to)

05. His voice is loud sometimes, it’s as if he’s shouting but he’s not.

04. I always ride with him in his motorcycle on my way to the jeep terminal.

03. He is very supportive with my goals in life.

02. He loves us so much.

01. He is the reason why I'm here on Earth! I’m so proud that he is my Papa. I love him more than words can say.

There you go…The 50 things about my dad. Why 50? It’s because he’s turning 50 this year. See how cool he is? He's one of a kind. I will be forever grateful and proud that he is my dad. I will love him for the rest of my life. I love you Pa! Happy Father’s Day!

 “Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” -Anne Geddes

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