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Waiting for the "Right Bus"

Are you a NBSB (No Boyfriend since Birth) or NGSB (No Girlfriend since Birth)?

Are you a single person who’s been hurt and yet wants to find love again?

Are you looking for love?

Are you waiting for love?

Whatever your answer is, why not give me a few minutes to share with you what I think about it?

This is a must read article that was made for single people who are waiting for the “Right” one to come in their life.

Has the “Right Bus” Arrived Yet? Waiting for love is just like waiting for the “Right Bus”. 

Here are some of the scenarios that usually happen in checking which bus to take:

1. Destination. While waiting at the bus stop, a bus suddenly comes and you go near it. The first thing you want to know is its destination/route. If it matches yours, then you will consider taking it. Take note, “consider” but you will not ride on it yet. If it has a different route from yours then you will just say “No, thanks. I will wait for the next one.” You will let it pass without knowing that your destination is one of its stop points.

2. Available Seat. The second bus arrives. You want to know if it is not yet crowded or if there is a seat available for you. If you see a bus and think that it is crowded by just looking at it from afar, you will say “I think there’s no available seat. I will not ride and stand on it.” You let the bus go and you wait for the next one.

3. Physical Appearance. Another bus arrives and you check it. After checking you said “This bus is so old…so shabby!” You were disgusted to ride on the bus so you let it go.

4. Air-condition. The 4th bus arrives and you found out that there are available seats, and the bus looks new. You were about to sit when you realized that it is not air-conditioned. You get out of the bus and waited for the next one.

You waited on the bus stop until it gets dark and started raining. You checked on your watch only to find out that you are so late on your appointment. Another bus arrives and since you are in a hurry you jumped on it. It is not until much later that you found out that you had boarded the wrong bus! So you wasted your time and energy waiting for what you want!

What If?
Bus No.1 that you assumed that it will not stop on your destination stops on it because it is one of its stop points.

Bus No.2 that you assumed is crowded is not actually is? If you just go inside to check you will realize that there is.

Bus No.3 that you did not take just because of its looks will provide you a very fast, comfortable and safe trip.

Bus No.4 that you let go because it is not air-conditioned but will let you feel the fresh wind by its opened windows.

Wanting to get what you want is not wrong. But it wouldn’t hurt to give other bus a chance. Do not just use your eyes to come up with conclusions or mere judgments. If you find that the “bus” doesn’t suit you just press the red button and get off the bus! But if you saw a bus you really like to take but the driver seem not to notice you and zoomed passed you, do not be disappointed, it only means that it wasn’t meant for you. Just wait for the next one patiently.

If until now you haven’t found it yet, do not loose hope, just be observant, patient, and be an open-minded person.

The bottom line is that being loved is like waiting for a bus you want. Getting on the bus and appreciating by giving it a chance depends totally on you! If you haven’t made any choice by waiting, take a walk. Walking is like looking for love instead of waiting for it. The good side of it is you can still choose any bus you want. The rest who couldn’t afford another ride would just have to be content with the bus they rode on, ugly or not.

One more thing… sometimes it’s better to choose a bus you are already familiar with rather than gamble with a bus that is unfamiliar to you. But then again, life wouldn’t be complete without the risks involved. 

If you feel tired of waiting and looking and still you haven’t found it, remember, there’s one bus that you don’t have to wait or look for… a bus that will just stop on its own and will ask you to come inside and take a free ride for the rest of your life.

No matter how long it takes for that bus to arrive, at the end, you will realize that it’s worth the wait.

Quotes for this Entry:

“Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” – Wayne Dyer

“Something worth having is something worth waiting for.”- Author Unknown

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