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Why Stay in a LDR?

10 reasons to stay in a long distance relationship

I’ve read a lot of articles and books that talk about whether or not you should start a long distance relationship. I always thought that was weird. If you like each other enough (keyword being ‘enough’), and you don’t live in the same area (either when you meet or for any stretch of time after meeting), then you will just kinda find yourself with no choice! At least that’s my experience. However, at some point, you might start to wonder if it’s really worth continuing it. Here are some reasons to keep going…

10: That first hug when you eventually do see each other

9: Independence (especially when you see your friends in controlling & bad relationships)

8: Free room and board in a different city

7: Picturing your life together. It will happen eventually. And it will be amazing.

6: Regular emails/IMs telling you how wonderful, smart, funny and intelligent you are

5: Thinking about how wonderful, smart, funny and intelligent your partner is

4: Your partners smell (you know you love it!)

3: Those late night conversations where you feel so close and so connected and so in love

2: Always knowing there is someone out there who loves and misses you

1: Because your life is better with your partner in it. Period.


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