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Basic Filipino Phrases

Good morning.
Magandang umaga po. (formal/polite)
Magandang umaga. (informal)

Good noon.
Magandang tanghali po. (formal/polite)
Magandang tanghali. (informal)

Good afternoon.
Magandang hapon po. (formal/polite)
Magandang hapon. (informal)

Good evening
Magandang gabi po. (formal/polite)
Magandang gabi. (informal)

How are you?
Kumusta po kayo? (formal/polite)
Kumusta ka? (informal)

I'm fine.
Mabuti po naman. (formal/polite)
Mabuti naman. (informal)

Please, come in.
Tuloy po kayo. (formal/polite)
Tuloy. (informal)

Thank you.
Salamat po. (formal/polite)
Salamat. (informal)

Thank you very much.
Maraming salamat po. (formal/polite)
Maraming salamat. (informal)

You are welcome.(respond to "thank you")
Wala pong anuman. (formal/polite)
Walang anuman. (informal)

Opo (formal/polite)
Oo (informal)

Hindi po (formal/polite)
Hindi. (informal)

I don't know.
Hindi ko po/ho alam. (formal/polite)
Hindi ko alam. (informal)

What time is it?
Anong oras na po? (formal/polite)
Anong oras na? (informal)

Where are you going?
Saan po kayo papunta? (formal/polite)
Saan ka papunta? (informal)

Where did you come from?
Saan po kayo galing? (formal/polite)
Saan ka galing? (informal)

What is your name?
Ano po ang pangalan nila? (formal/polite)
Anong pangalan mo? (informal)

I am ______ (name).
Ako po si ________ (formal/polite)
Ako si _________ (informal)

How old are you?
Ilang taon na po kayo? (formal/polite)
Ilang taon ka na? (informal)

I am _______ years old.
Ako po ay _______ gulang na. (formal/polite)
Ako ay _______ gulang na. (informal)

Where do you live?
Saan po kayo nakatira? (formal/polite)
Saan ka nakatira? (informal)

Where are you from?
Taga saan po sila? (formal/polite)
Taga saan ka? (informal)

Have you eaten yet?
Kumain na po ba sila? (formal/polite)
Kumain ka na ba? (informal)

Ano po? (formal/polite)
Ano? (informal)

Bakit po? (formal/polite)
Bakit? (informal)

Sino po? (formal/polite)
Sino? (informal)

Kailan po? (formal/polite)
Kailan? (informal)

Saan po? (formal/polite)
Saan? (informal)

Alin po? (formal/polite)
Alin? (informal)

Paano po? (formal/polite)
Paano? (informal)

How much?
Magkano po? (formal/polite)
Magkano? (informal)

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