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How's the "Blind Date"?

As promised with my previous blog posted last week about my scheduled "Blind Date" last Saturday, July 17. The latest about it is that it was cancelled! Ha!

I felt lazy because it rained so I called my cousin to ask if it is possible to reschedule the "blind date". She told me that it is ok to reschedule because the guy that I'm supposed to meet went to a place for vacation and sightseeing and he might be back late. So, date cancelled!

My cousin keeps on telling me about their plans for the next Saturday. They are planning to go hiking. She's asking me if I can join them because Alex (the guy that they will introduce to me) keeps on telling my cousin to convince me to go with them hiking. But I'm not sure yet. It's raining and we will do that thing? Funny and I feel lazy ha-ha!

I don't even know if I'm still interested to meet him! LOL!

Anyway, I will try to meet him one of these days.

Note: The guy that I'm supposed to meet is a Korean and according to my cousin, he’s been living in the Philippines for one year.

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