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Pagmamano among Pinoys

Pagmamano is a custom of the Filipinos ever since as a sign of respect and a way for greeting the elders. Filipino­s believe that they'll receive blessings when they do this because the elders will give their finest gratitude some with a religious manner after they do it.


To whom do we do this?

We do this to our grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, aunt, cousins (if they are 10 years older than you).

When do we do this?

We always do "pagmamano":

1. Before going to leave the house (In our family we kiss our parents goodbye)

2. When you go back to home late (night time)

3. When you've been away from home

4. When you visit relatives

5. When you visit friends (We do it with our friends' parents)

6. When you visit your neighbor at night

7. When you saw someone older than you at night while walking down the street (e.g. On my way home at night, I saw my uncle)

8. When it is Christmas Day and New Year's Day

There are so many scenarios where a Filipino do "pagmamano" to elders because this is a sign of respect.

Even if you're not a Filipino, if you're in the Philippines, it's better if you practice doing it. ^_^

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pinoyleonardo said...

Cool post on this Filipino tradition. I am trying to check the origin of this practice because it is actually one that is done even before the Spanish conquest.

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