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Pinay married to a Korean

I really like reading the blog posted by a Filipina woman married to a Korean, so I'm going to share it in my blog. I think she and her hubby are both lucky to find each other. I really like it! Kakakilig! I've also included their picture from her blog. ^_^

Title: For L.S.C.
Written on July 1, 2009

These are the things that I adore about you. The list is endless…I’ll add some more everytime... But as of now, here they are:

77. Seeing you take care of other people's children.

76. Sharing a secret only us (and a few) know!

75. For fulfilling my little girl's dream of getting married.

74. Your most sincere could I forget?

73. For being my BFF! ^^

72. For truly being my 'knight' as you say.

71. Just for being here when I needed you most.

70. For making my stress load way much lighter.

69. For being a good listener to all my woes and complaints.

68. Spending Christmas together for the first time.

67. The sweet little surprises you manage to give me at odd hours and times!

66. For subtly (and usually harshly) correcting my mistakes.

65. The way we imagine our future together.

64. For forgiving my selfish, bratty (b*tch*) ways.

63. Meeting your parents for the first time and they showed me such genuine warmth.

62. Still loving me truthfully, honestly and sincerely for a year now.

61. Discovering that little country boy in you!

60. Seeing you care so much for other people.

59. Your weird sense of humor that comes out before I go to sleep! grrr...

58. Cooking for me or asking someone to cook for me. hehe!

57. Seeing your face getting a little chubby. (means that somebody loves you! ^^)

56. Eating take-out food together.

55. Your hugs that erase all my fears and pains.

54. For just being by my side when I'm sick or down.

53. For putting up with my complicated self.

52. For just making me smile for no reason.

51. For appreciating and loving the food I cooked.

50. Finding out your dirty habits, but still loving you endlessly. (why oh why?!)

49. Learning new things about you, good or bad.

48. Accompanying me when grocery shopping.

47. Being a good Korean language teacher (!?)

46. Being together in the mountains. ^^

45. For eating my leftover food.

44. For holding my hand even while you drive.

43. Watching you drive.

42. When you try so hard not to miss me, but you still do. Ha!

41. For trying to win me over after our little fights.

40. For simply appreciating everything I say or do.

39. The sexy way you adjust your glasses. (darling, don't take them off!)

38. When you sometimes pretend to be a dashing Prince Charming from a Korean drama.

38. When you're playing that the phone's dead, or with static, or no signal! (roger...over!)

37. The way you "don't react" when somebody's listening to our phone conversations!

36. The way you laugh and react when we talk on the phone.

35. Darling, sometimes words are simply not enough. I am just so HAPPY!

34. For inspiring me to be a better person or a better partner.

33. For including me in your dreams and in your future.

32. Just for understanding everything.

31. For listening and remembering every sensible or non-sensible details I tell you.

30. Whenever you call me at unexpected times. Or for answering my calls!

29. For assuring me that our love will have its perfect place and time, someday...

28. For making me feel I'm the luckiest person because I have you.

27. For all your efforts, big or small, just to make me feel happy or comfortable.

26. For giving me strength when I really need it.

25. When you told me to just hang on because you will never go.

24. The way I used to make you blush. (but now no more! ^^)

23. The fact that you are athletic which compliments my sluggishness. :)

22. Your being health conscious which compensates my lack of it.

21. Your being way taller than I am.

20. For just loving me in my best and worst days.

19. The way you call my name.

18. The fact that you like kids, like I do.

17. When I see you being responsible and taking charge.

16. For doing your best in texting me things that you thought I might find cute. (but usually not!)

15. When you come to my place at unexpected times.

14. For making me believe in romance again, and telling me to stop and smell the flowers sometimes.

13. The way you make me feel special, every single day.

12. When surprisingly, you believed that there is a God even if you are agnostic.

11. When you whisper sweet words to me in your language.

10. When you thought I was beautiful and smart but I know I’m not. (well, not really!)

9. When unexpectedly you are familiar with a song or singer that I thought you weren’t.

8. For making me appreciate sentimental love songs again.

7. When unexpectedly, you’ve watched the same movies that I saw before.

6. When we realize that we have a lot in common than we thought.

5. When you make me laugh like crazy, it can almost lock my jaw.

4. For making me cry happy tears.

3. For providing your strong arms when I cry or if I feel like crying.

2. When you hold my hand every chance you can get.

1. The way you kiss me. Sloppy in the beginning but later turned out to be really wonderful.

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:::April::: said...

Hi! I'm flattered that you reposted this on your blog. Thanks for your visit too even if my posts are kinda outdated. take care! =)

ghee said...

You're welcome.I really like it so I reposted it on my blog. May God bless your marriage with your husband. I also like your pictures cute...^_^

korean beauty said...

I dont understand why there are many people who wants to live outside our country while there are people from other countries who love to stay here. For example Jinri Park a full blooded Korean who feels more at home here in our country than Korea.

Hmmm... maybe its destiny that we have to move to another country to find our special someone. Anyway... what's important is that you love each other and i wish you both a wonderful relationship together...

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