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Things Guys Love about Girls

10 Things that Guys Love about Girls

Guys are simple creatures and are easy to please. If you pay attention to his life, you don’t need to do something drastic to please them. Take a peek inside his private world and you will know how he runs things. But if you really want to please him, take a look at the list below and you will know. 
1. Positive thoughts and feelings 
Guys will love it when their girls are always positive about life and their outlooks on things. This positivity will radiate and shines out at you making them feel the same.
2. Flexible but firm
You don’t need to be in control always of any situation for you to be comfortable. You also need to be flexible and consenting to go with the flow. However, when a situation warrants it you need to be firm in asserting your own opinion regarding the matter.
3. Presence of other options
Invitations to go somewhere are not necessary. You always have other options and activities on your own. Guys appreciate this because they will know you are not clingy.
4. Not pushy
If you are a girlfriend material, you won’t force a guy to do things he doesn’t want to do. You will wait for him to make up his own mind.
5. Asking help only when needed
Guys love girls who know when to call for help. It will be like acknowledging the fact that you have your limitations that only they can fill. It will make them feel important. However, if you know that you can do it you should go ahead with it rather than depending so much on them.
6. Doesn’t panic
In any given situation, guys love it when they find that you don’t panic. You need to practice control and logic at all times and not let your emotions get the best of you.
7. Doesn’t ask too much
You need to be able to stand on your own and don’t ask too much from a guy at one time. Guys will appreciate you for this. You don’t need to get things done all in one day.
8. Doesn’t need constant reassuring
You don’t need men to assure you always. It will look as if you don’t have self-confidence enough to carry yourself. Confidence is one of the traits that guys love about girls because they don’t have to validate their emotions constantly.
9. Complete honesty
You don’t have to be afraid to be completely honest. In fact guys always like it when they know that a girl is totally honest and is not afraid to show that sincere honesty. They always view honesty as one of the basic pillars of a lasting relationship.
10. Empathize
Guys will always love girls who know how to put themselves in men’s shoes. It is necessary for you to know that what you think and talk about will also reflect in his way of thinking things.
When a guy’s heart is set out to find the object of their interest, they always make the most of the situation by going for the best.

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