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Why will I date again?

Last night my cousin mentioned to my mom the thing about my blind date which happens to be a double date with my cousin and her friend accompanying us this Saturday. I was a bit disappointed with her reaction. She asked me "Why are you going on a blind date? You will look desperate." I didn't said anything after she said that.. I just cuddled our cute cat and walked away.

Later, I found myself disappointed while thinking about what my mom said. I wanted to tell her that I'm going on a date not because I'm desperate! I asked for my cousin's help because I realized that I've been single and not dating for almost 3 years. I think I can't just wait forever. Gone are the days when the girl will patiently wait for his Prince to come.

Yes I enjoyed being Single for 2 or 3 years...but there are times that I can't help but feel lonely. I wanted to have someone whom I can turn to when people close to me gets too judgemental. I envy people who were so lucky to find their lifetime partner.

I'm turning 23 this year and yet I don't have anyone whom I like or date or whatever. I just work and stay at home....that's all. In short, my life is simple, plain, or should I say, boring.

So, deciding to go on a date doesn't make me look "desperate". It means I want to meet new people. I want to add some fun in my life. Fun in a way that I won't spend weekends at home in front of the TV or computer doing the same old stuff I used to do.

I used to remind myself not to hurry when it comes to LOVE. It will come to me in God's time. Yes, I still believe that it's God's time it will come. But lately I realized I want to go out and meet different people with different personalities so I may know what do I really look for in a guy. Dating can lead to me having new found friends or it could lead me to meeting that "someone" that I've been waiting for.

My purpose is not just about finding a BF. It's more than that. And I know that no matter how hard I try to explain myself to others, they won't understand because they don't know how it's like to be in my situation.

I've been so transparent when it comes to my life to people close to me. Sometimes I think it's good...but I realized that most of the's not. So, I decided to keep some privacy. I'll keep private things private. Besides, revealing everything about yourself to other people can be so boring! Even among married couples, every day they discover little things about each other as they live in the same roof.

To end this, I'm going to start dating again because I'm ready for it. Period.

(Ready for what? You can think anything about it...but the real reason behind it...that is something I will just keep to myself. Now talking about Privacy! Ha!)

“Dating is, essentially, getting to know someone over an extended period of time to determine if a relationship is something worth pursuing.”

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