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Fushigi Yuugi

In this entry, I will share my favorite anime show -> FUSHIGI YUUGI. I really really love watching it over and over again. It is about friendship, love, responsibilities, etc. I wish guys like Tamahome exist in real world. I super envy Miaka for having such a great man! ^^

Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play (ふしぎ遊戯 Fushigi Yūgi?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yu Watase. Shogakukan published Fushigi Yûgi in Shōjo Comic in its original serialized form from May 1992 through June 1996. Viz Media released the manga series in English in North America starting in 1999. Spanning eighteen volumes, Fushigi Yûgi tells the story of two teenaged girls, Miaka and Yui, who are pulled into "The Universe of the Four Gods", a mysterious book at the National Library.

The series became very popular and was later adapted into a 52 episode anime series by Studio Pierrot. The series originally aired from April 6, 1995 through March 28, 1996 on the anime satellite channel Animax and the regular cable channel TV Tokyo. The anime series was followed by three Original Video Animation releases, with the first having three episodes, the second having six, and the final OVA, Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden, spanning four episodes. A thirteen volume Japanese light novel series also followed Fushigi Yûgi. The novels were published by Shōgakukan from January 30, 1998 to September 26, 2003. On October 25, 2003, Watase began releasing a prequel to the manga series, Fushigi Yûgi Genbu Kaiden.

Miaka Yūki
Miaka Yūki (夕城 美朱 Yūki Miaka?), the primary protagonist in Fushigi Yûgi, an ordinary fifteen year old junior high school student, initially decides to become the Priestess of Suzaku (Suzaku no Miko) in order to use one of the wishes she will receive when she summons Suzaku: she plans to enter the high school of her choice and be with her friend Yui.

Miaka falls in love with Tamahome: this motivates Miaka to gather the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku and summon the god Suzaku Seikun. Though Miaka's final wish as the Priestess of Suzaku had been for her and Tamahome to remain together forever, she chooses instead to ask Suzaku to save "this world" (Miaka's world after being destroyed by the battle between Seiryuu and Suzaku) and restore it to the way it was. Her warriors are shocked and even comment on how "so completely selfless" it is. Tamahome is then forced to return to his own world because of it.

Outgoing and optimistic, Miaka shows herself amiable with friends and strangers, and has a tendency to be guileless and sentimental. She is naïve, but sometimes surprises adults with an insightful comment. Miaka is generous and cares greatly for other people and perceives herself to be a considerate person. She can be unassuming and unsophisticated, but also magnanimous and courageous. Because she creates the impression of a person who always needs help, Miaka has the good fortune of almost always having someone looking after her.
Miaka has a primary weakness: her gluttony. She eats constantly and has an interest in any type of food. She is an avid fan of anime, imitating several characters during the course of the story.

Tamahome (鬼宿?), the first of the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku whom Miaka meets, comes into the story when he saves Miaka and Yui from slave-traders. Born in the Hokkan (Bei-Jiang) Village of the Juusou (Shou-Shuang) Prefecture of Kounan (Hong-nan) as the eldest son of a large family, he is seventeen years old. His true name is Kishuku Sou (琮 鬼宿 Sō Kishuku?) , based on the star Demon (鬼).

Tamahome appears the strongest member of the Suzaku warriors. An adept martial artist, proficient unarmed and with weapons, he proves a good street-fighter and can channel his ki into energy-blasts. When emotionally motivated, he is able to use his ki to increase his strength, speed, and reflexes in combat. Tamahome is also experienced in fencing thanks to being trained by Tokaki.

Initially, the story portrays Tamahome as a greedy young man, interested in helping others only if it means getting paid for it later. It is eventually revealed that his interest in accumulating money derives from trying to support his family. He comes across as cheerful, vain, and comic, but is actually shy and emotionally strong. Throughout the series, he demonstrates himself to be a sincere young man who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others and unwilling to back down from enemies.

While he initially rejects Miaka's feelings for him, he comes to reciprocate, realizing all along how deeply his feelings for her had been. They develop a strong romantic relationship to the point where Tamahome is able to sense Miaka whenever she calls for him. Though it is Miaka's wish for them to be together, it is a wish that Suzaku cannot grant; thus, Miaka uses her final wish to restore The Universe of Four Gods and the two are separated when Miaka returns to her own world. However, after Miaka's junior high school graduation, she is introduced to a new classmate of her older brother. Tamahome comes back showing the ring that symbolizes his marriage to Miaka.

Hotohori (星宿?), the fourth Emperor of Kōnan, Emperor Cai Pi (彩賁帝 Saihitei?) has a reputation for his beauty and his narcissism. Eighteen years old, he was born in Eiyou (Rong-Yang), the capital city of the Konan Empire, on April 2. As one of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, he can summon a sword; as such he is a powerful swordsman and has been additionally trained in martial arts since childhood. His true name is Seishuku Shu (朱 星宿 Shu Seishuku?) based on the star Star (星).

Hotohori first hears of the Priestess of Suzaku at a young age and comes to believe that the priestess would become his true love and the one who would love him for himself instead of for his title. Upon meeting Miaka, he falls in love with her and becomes willing to do anything for her sake. As such, he becomes a rival to Tamahome for Miaka's affection, but eventually concedes when he realizes that Miaka will only ever love Tamahome. Hotohori eventually marries a woman Houki, who bears a striking resemblance to Nuriko. He is killed by Nakago during the battle between Konan and Kutō, leaving Houki pregnant with his son Boushin.

Nuriko (柳宿?) first appears disguised as "Kōrin" in Emperor Hotohori's harem, which Hotohori never visits except to welcome new maidens. "Kōrin" was in fact Nuriko's younger sister, who died at a young age; he began behaving and dressing like her to keep her memory alive. Born in Eiyō, the capital of Konan, Nuriko possesses superhuman strength; Taiitsukun later grants him a pair of bracelets that transform into strength-increasing armbands. He is 18 years old. His true name is Ryuuen Chou (迢 柳娟 Chō Ryūen?), based on the star Willow (柳).

While prone to jealousy, quick to anger, and possessing a calculating tendency, Nuriko is very level-headed and compassionate and shows the most concern regarding Miaka and Tamahome's relationship. As a "woman", Nuriko is infatuated with his fellow warrior, Hotohori, but as a man, he also loves Miaka Yūki. While initially jealous of Hotohori's love for Miaka, Nuriko and Miaka become close friends. After Nuriko comes to terms with the fact that his cross-dressing resulted from the unyielding pain of losing his sister Kourin, he concludes that he had been trying to live his life as Kourin would have, not as he would have. This revelation allows him to finally allow himself to experience life as a man. He cuts his hair, which once hung down to his waist in a braid, and admits to Tamahome that he loves Miaka as more than a friend. While he maintains his feelings for Hotohori, Nuriko eventually chooses to stop dressing as a woman in order to better protect Miaka. 

Chichiri (井宿?), a wandering monk, has trained for several years with Taiitsukun, the creator. A 24 year-old native of a village on the Shōryū River (near the northern Kōnan-Kutō border), he variously wields a shakujō staff, kasa hat, and kesa mantle to fight and employs various magical techniques taught by Taiitsukun, the first of which was the ability to form a barrier around himself. His true name is Houjun Ri (李 芳准 Ri Hōjun?), born under the star Well (井).
As the oldest and wisest of all of the Suzaku warriors, Chichiri thinks of himself as the older brother who looks after them all. Appearing superficially light-hearted, he can put on super deformed 'chibi' frivolity or suddenly be very serious and grim. While Tamahome and Hotohori are the obvious leaders, Chichiri is the ever-staunch advisor and supporter from behind the scenes, always willing to help when needed. Unconcerned with his own mortality or with earthly desires, he has a Zen master's detached attitude. He habitually ends many sentences with the emphatic phrase "no da", translated as "ya know" in the anime's English version (omitted in the English dub).

Tasuki (翼宿?) formerly led the Mount Reikaku bandits. Extremely quick and agile, he particularly enjoys joking around with Nuriko, Tamahome, and Chichiri. He is 17 years old and was born in the town of Tai-Tou in the Ko prefecture, at the foot of Mount Reikaku. His true name is Shun'u Kou (侯 俊宇 Kō Shun'u?), born under the star Wings (翼). Tasuki's primary weapon is a flame throwing Tessen, an iron fan used for fighting which is eventually upgraded to become a diamond fan that could only be used by Tasuki by Taitsukun. Additionally, he is skilled in judo, archery, swordsmanship, and is briefly capable of using ofuda. As a Celestial Warrior, he possesses superhuman speed and known as Genrou or Huang-Lang (幻狼|"Phantom Wolf") because of his wolf-like appearance.

At a young age Tasuki found his calling as a bandit when Hakurō, the chief bandit of Mount Reikaku, took him under his wing. He began to improve his martial arts abilities in hopes of living up to and carrying on the role of his mentor.He and fellow bandit Kōji eventually master the use of an iron fan in combat. Tasuki first meets Miaka when he kidnaps her in order to regain his rightful place as the leader of Mount Reikaku's bandits. He eventually joins her in order to help the other Celestial Warriors on their quest, reluctantly leaving Kōji as the leader of the bandits of Mount Reikaku.

Mitsukake (軫宿?) is the healer of Suzaku's warriors. He is soft-spoken and one of the most serious of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors. He is 22 years old and was born in Sōen Village, near Chōkō of northern part of Kōnan. His true name is Juan Myō (妙 寿安 Myou Juan?), born the star Chariot (軫). Mitsukake's fighting abilities are limited to his own strength, but as a Celestial Warrior, he possesses incredible healing powers at the cost of exchanging some of his own life force. He uses this ability frequently to heal minor injuries, but after healing life-threatening injuries, Mitsukake requires an entire day to regenerate his life force. His cat Tama is the unofficial mascot of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors and, after Mitsukake's death, becomes Chichiri's pet.

The son of a country doctor, he put his natural talents to work and often would help his father with his rounds. His father eventually died attempting to save villagers close to a flooding river during the same storm that claimed the lives of Chichiri's loved ones. Mitsukake shows utter devotion to healing; however after the death of Shōka, the daughter of the local nobleman who he was in love with, Mitsukake gave up medicine and dedicated all of his time and energy into finding a miracle herb that could cure any illness. It was during this reclusive stage that Miaka and the others find him, and managed to get him to join them with little persuasion. However, he continues to cherish the memory of the late Shōka.

Chiriko (張宿?) is the youngest and the genius among the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku. Born in Jozen in western Kōnan, Chiriko is revealed to be studying for an examination to become a government official during his first appearance. Aside from his incredible intelligence, Chiriko also employs a leaf flute against his opponents. He is thirteen years old. His true name is Doukon Ou (王 道煇 Ō Dōkon?), born the star Extended Net (張).
Chiriko's intelligence actually derives from his role as a Celestial Warrior and when his character disappears, he becomes a rather average child with limited intelligence. This limitation on his powers alongside being the youngest and physically weakest in the group is a source of frustration for Chiriko. He is particularly sensitive about his height and his peculiar intelligence and strives towards becoming a "man of strength", but is otherwise a quiet and good-natured student. Since a very young age, Chiriko has held a strong interest in research and has amassed a great deal of knowledge through books and study.


Yui Hongo
Yui Hongo (本郷 唯 Hongō Yui?) is the Priestess of Seiryū (Seiryū no Miko). An intelligent and mature girl, she is a tenth grade student and Miaka Yūki's best friend. A passionate person at heart, she tends to see the world in black and white terms and is easily infuriated with perceived betrayal. Yui is confident and bold with everything she does, but longs for someone to take care of her. It is revealed in the manga that Yui cut her hair to avoid all the attention she was getting from boys.

Yui is initially transported to "The Universe of Four Gods" with Miaka, but almost immediately returns to the real world and becomes the one who reads the book in order for events in the world to progress. However, she becomes trapped in the book while trying to help Miaka return to the real world. Afterwards, bandits capture Yui and knock her unconscious. When she regains consciousness, she believes she has been raped and, distraught, attempts to kill herself. Nakago rescues her and convinces her that Miaka is responsible for Yui's misfortunes, leaving Yui unaware that he had saved her before she had been raped. He manipulates Yui into becoming the Priestess of Seiryū, convincing her that it will allow Yui to take revenge on Miaka. She eagerly agrees, swearing to fight Miaka and to take away her lover, Tamahome, whom Yui has become attracted to.

After succeeding in summoning Seiryū, Yui uses her first wish to seal away Suzaku's powers, preventing the god from being summoned and the Celestial Warriors from using their powers. Her second wish is to take Miaka and herself back to their world, hoping to separate Miaka and Tamahome, but Tamahome also arrives in their world with them. Upon learning that Nakago had been using her all along, she has a change of heart and redeems herself by using her third and last wish to disable the seal on Suzaku, allowing Miaka to summon it, but she is absorbed by Seiryū afterwards. After summoning Suzaku, Miaka used her first wish to rescue Yui, and they became friends again.
After the events of the "Universe of the Four Gods", Yui enters a long-term relationship with Tetsuya Kajiwara, a friend of Keisuke Yūki, who fell in love with her while following her journey when reading the book.

Nakago (心宿?), considered to be the leader of the Seiryū warriors, is the main antagonist of Fushigi Yûgi. His true name is Ayuru Gi (魏 アユル Gi Ayuru?), born under the star Heart (心). Nakago is both merciless and charismatic; he eliminates those whose usefulness to him is exhausted and skillfully manipulates others into doing as he wishes. Nakago's powers as a Celestial Warrior is shown to be stronger than any of the Suzaku and Seiryū warriors, having the ability to manipulate chi, enabling himself to become psychokinetic, fire energy blasts, and set up force fields. In battle, Nakago also utilizes a whip and sword.

Amiboshi (亢宿?) is a Seiryū Celestial Warrior. He is the elder twin brother of Suboshi and was born in Tenryō, San'un Province in Kutō Empire. The true name is Kōtoku Bu (武 亢德 Bu Koutoku?), born under the star Neck (亢). As a Celestial Warrior, Amiboshi is capable of emitting chi through his mouth and channel it through a flute to control the will of others. A skilled flute player, Amiboshi holds the instrument to the left when using his powers, but to the right when he is simply playing the flute. He works as a spy.

Suboshi (角宿?) is a Seiryū Celestial Warrior and the younger twin brother of Amiboshi. The true name is Shunkaku Bu (武 俊角 Bu Shunkaku?), born under the star Horn (角). As a Celestial Warrior, he is able to use a secret weapon known as the Ryūseisui, a double meteor bell, and control it with his will alone. He and his brother are also able to communicate with one another by writing messages on their bodies.
In terms of temperament, Suboshi is fierce, impulsive, and stubborn to a fault, unwilling to listen to reason once he becomes determined to do something. He and his brother are extremely close as a result of their losing their parents at a young age and having a tough childhood. Suboshi is particularly devoted to his brother and will not hesitate to kill if it means protecting Amiboshi, even killing fellow Seiryū warrior Tomo without a second thought for this reason alone.

Soi (房宿?) is a Seiryū Celestial Warrior. She was rescued by Nakago when she was a child and is his most devoted follower. The true name is Kaen Haku (白 花婉 Haku Kaen?), born under the star Room (房). As a Celestial Warrior, Soi possesses Feng Shui related powers allowing her to control lightning, induce electromagnetic fields, but is also skilled in Fhangzang and chi raising techniques. She is 19 years old and was born in Gen, a province near the Kutō border.

Tomo (智?) is an illusionist and performer among the Celestial Warriors of Seiryū, known also as Aono Tomo (青野智 Blue Field Tomo?). His true name is Ragun (羅軍 Ragun?), born under the star Root (氐). Having faced hardship since childhood, Tomo is sadistic and cruel, possessing a contorted mentality and severe attitude toward others. It is said he was taken in by dancers when he was young, exposing him to the world of Chinese opera, and is the reason behind his exotic appearance.

Ashitare (尾宿?), born under the star Tail (尾), is a werewolf from Hokkan whom Nakago found in a circus tent; until then, Ashitare apparently was a circus side-show. Because of his werewolf nature, Ashitare was shunned and unwelcome wherever he went. Hardened and angry, he developed a hatred of humans and would devour human flesh after killing them. Because of Ashitare's brute strength, he is seemingly unstoppable.

Miboshi (箕宿?), born under the star Winnowing Basket (箕), is the last of the Seiryū Celestial Warriors to appear. While he looks like a young boy, he is actually much older than the other Seiryū warriors. As a Celestial Warrior, he is capable of possessing others as well as summoning and controlling demons. He employs a Tibetan prayer wheel with sutras inscribed on it to summon monsters and perform sorcery. He is known also as Mimadō.

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