An online diary of someone who tends to forget easily.

My day today 013111

Good morning! It's Monday once again! As I heard my sister's mobile phone alarm tone, I knew that it's gonna be a start of working week. As always I feel lazy to get up and work. I waited for my phone to alarm but I got bored so I woke up earlier than I planned. I ate breakfast, took a bath, prepared myself, and few minutes later, I'm on my way to our office.

Today is my youngest brother's birthday but I wasn't able to greet him this morning because he's still sleeping. I posted a birthday greeting for him on my Facebook Wall. I tagged him on my post so it will also be displayed on his account. Then I checked on my emails, twitter, and my blog. After checking twitter I read a tweet from one of my followers whom I follow as well, which is about her visit to Korea. We joined the same contest where the prize is a roundtrip ticket to South Korea. We both joined using Twitter so we're rival. She won. I sent her congratulatory tweet when she won. Then today I saw her tweet with a picture about her prize. I also checked her Facebook account and saw her pictures while she's in Korea. My reaction? Hmm.. I feel envious. 

I also wanted to visit South Korea someday. I want to meet my good Korean friends, take a lot of pictures with them, travel to different beautiful places, eat in a Korean restaurant to eat their food, do stuffs in Korea, etc. My cousin even asked me to go with her if she will go there to travel. I want to but I can't. I can't because it will cost me a lot of money. I don't even have enough savings yet. But even if I have money to go there, I think I will still doubt if I will go. Why? Well, its because I'm afraid my family will think that I'm selfish. Spending too much just for that vacation is not normal for me since we're not really rich. I would rather save that money and spend some for my family. So, if I have a lot of savings and I've given my family enough share for it, then maybe, I can travel there without worrying that my family will be sad about it.

I'm glad that I'm having a not so busy day at work. During these days, I usually think a lot of things about my future. Just like what my student said last night, I also worry too much about my life. I want to work and live abroad but I don't know how and what work can I do except being an IT professional. I want to do something else but I still don't know what.

I have goals for my family and for myself. I also have plans for each. But sometimes I feel so confused about it. All I can do is pray sometimes. Just like now. I feel so confused about it. I hope one day, HE will help me realize the answers to some of my questions. I need enlightenment. Haha...

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Somewhere Only We Know

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The Lake House - Trailer HD

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The Lake House Quotes

Last night since I don't want to sleep early I decided to watch again movies that I've seen before. Runaway Bride has been one of my favorite movies since the first time I saw it. I just love the story and the characters' personality! I even posted the quotes that I liked here in my blog last year. After watching it I still feel not sleepy so I decided to watch again The Lake House. I never really liked it but after watching it again last night, it became one of my fave as well. I love everything about it. I even like every lines in that movie! Here are some of the movie quotes that I really like.

When two people "connect" the bond between them can be so pure and simple as to stir hearts in heaven. When they connect in all the right places at all the wrong times, heaven weeps for broken hearts. To heal these broken hearts, heaven breaks time.

How do you hold on to someone you've never met?

Kate talking to her patient (little girl watching TV where the scene is that lovers were kissing and loving each other)

Kate : Hey. What are you doing? You're supposed to be asleep.
Patient girl : Is she gonna marry him?
Kate : What do you think?
Patient girl : I don't know. He's kind of old.
Kate : Okay, he's not that old.
Patient girl : My mom's last boyfriend was bald. He was nice, but my mom didn't marry him.
Kate : No?
Patient girl : "There's always something better coming around the corner." That's what she says. May be that's what that lady should do. Wait for something better to come around the corner.
Kate : Maybe. But if she's not careful, she could spend her whole life waiting.

Morgan, Kate's ex boyfriend wants to have dinner with her...

Morgan : I'll admit that I do sometimes get a few steps ahead of myself.
Kate : Morgan, a few steps? You're always leaping 10 steps ahead. We were dating, what, a week? And you had our entire future mapped out for us? In my residency, you were picking out real estate. I'd go to your house the weekend you have the entire town in your house to meet me.

Kate: It's kind of a long distance relationship.

Kate: One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to.

Kate: Life is not a book, Alex. It can be over in a second.

Alex: Don't give up on me.

This quote was when Kate was telling Alex about the man who died at daily plaza, she said: “A man was killed right in front of me he died in my arms and it thought it cant end just like that in valentine’s day and I thought about all other people who love him waiting at home who will never see him again then I thought what if there is no one, what if u live your whole life and no one is waiting, so I drove myself to the lake house looking 4 any kind of answer and I found you and I let myself get lost, lost in this beautiful fantasy when time stands still but its not real Alex I have to learn to live the life I have got please don’t write any more don’t try to find me let me let me let you go”

I don't remember what scene did they have this conversation but because I like it as I read it on the net, here it is:
Kate: I'm sorry.
Alex: For what?
Kate: For giving up on you Alex. For giving up on us. I abandoned you, and I was miserable, but that doesn't make up for what I did to you. I should have believed. You had enough faith for the both of us, and that's all I left you with.
Alex: No, Kate, don't cry, I don't blame you for any of that. You did what you had to do. You didn't know if this would ever work out. I understand.
Kate: How can you? You waited four years. I couldn't even be patient for half of that, but you waited.
Alex: I would wait four hundred years if it meant you were there at the end of them. But that's not the point. The waiting is over, and we're together. I just want you to be happy Kate. I have everything I want now. You made that possible.
Kate: I am happy Alex. I'll never give up on us again. I promise.
Alex: I know you won't.
Kate: I love you.
Alex: I love you too.

This quote was when Kate found out that Alex died from his brother and tried to save him, she wrote a letter and left it in the mail box at the lake house, she said: “Alex, I know why u didn’t show up that night it was u at daily plaza that day it was u, please don’t go just wait please don’t look 4 me don’t try to find me, I love u, and its taking me all this time to say it but I love u if u still care 4 me wait, wait 4 me, wait with me, wait, wait 2 years Alex, come to the lake house Alex, I am here

Last line
Kate: You waited.

Actually, most of the movie lines are so great! Well, maybe because I can relate to it somehow. I can't find the quote when Kate is talking about the story of the book Persuasion to Alex. It's a good movie about Waiting. I like it. This is one of my fave movies now.

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Best Friend - Auburn

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Smile by Tamia


Sometimes I sit at home and wonder how it'd be if he had loved me
Truly loved me, yes
I learned a while ago, that kind of thing, it never happens for me
And so I go around and just pretend
Love is not for me
I play the circus clown around my friends
Make them laugh and they won't see
That you never let ‘em see you sweat
Don’t want them to think the pain runs deep
Lord know its killing me

So I put on my makeup
Put a smile on my face
And if anyone asks me
Everything is ok
I’m laughing ‘cause no one
Knows the joke is on me
‘Cause I’m dying inside with my pride and a smile on my face
On my face
Singing la la la (la la, la la)
la la, ( la la, la la, la la)
la la (la la)
Ooooh (la la la laahh)

Sometimes I sit at home by the phone hoping he might call me (call me)
But he don't call me (call me, call me, call me)
But then I realize dreams come true
Aren't for girls like me, not like me
And so I go around with my head up
Like it ain't no thing
And when the boys around with all my friends
I’m into other things
‘Cause you never let them see you sweat
Don’t want them to think the pain runs deep
Lord knows its killing me

And so I put on my makeup (put it on, put it on)
Put a smile on my face (a smile on my face)
And if anyone asks me (oooh yeah)
Everything is ok (oh I’m laughing)
I’m laughing ‘cause no one (no one, no one)
Knows the joke is on me
But I’m dying inside with my pride and a smile on my face
On my face (oooh)

It’s not an easy (thing to do)
Sometimes it’s hard to (face the truth)
It’s not the life that I would choose
But what else can I do if he don't love me (no)
If he don't want me
I’m not about to sit around
Let myself go (gooooo)

So I put on my makeup
Put a smile on my face (I put a smile on my face)
And if anyone ask me
Everything is ok
I’m laughing ‘cause no one (no one, no one)
Knows the joke is on me
‘Cause I’m dying inside with my pride and a smile on my face
On my face
Singing, la la la (la la, la la)
la la, ( la la, la la, la la)
la la (la la, la la, la la la la laaa)
I’ll keep on singing la la

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Makati Bus Bombing

Photo credit: Pat Roque/AP/GMA News
4 killed, 18 wounded in Makati bus explosion 
(The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A powerful explosion ripped through a passenger bus in the Philippine capital today, killing at least four people and wounding at least 18 others, officials said.

The explosion was so powerful that it punched a hole in a nearby concrete fence along metropolitan Manila's main highway in suburban Makati city, Mayor Junjun Binay said.

The bus was approaching a commuter railway station when the blast occurred inside the vehicle, taking out half of its front windshield, punching holes in windows and immediately killing a female passenger near the center of the explosion, Binay said.

He said the damage indicated that it was caused by a bomb.

He said one hospital reported four people dead and 18 wounded.

Metro Manila police chief Nicanor Bartolome said "an explosive" must have been placed under a passenger seat somewhere in the middle of the bus where it caused a "big hole" in the vehicle large enough for a man to pass through.

Bomb investigators were examining the debris to determine the type of explosives used, he said.

Binay said he was one of the first at the scene, describing the carnage to reporters.

"There were bones and flesh on the pavement. A bloodied body was still there. This is an act of terrorism," he said.

It wasn't immediately clear how many people were on the bus, but some were unharmed. Officials temporarily blocked traffic on the highway, causing a massive gridlock on Manila's busiest thoroughfare.

Source: PhilStar


The Philippines ranks eighth in the list of 10 most dangerous countries in the world, based on the Terrorism Risk Index (TRI) by Maplecroft.

TRI was developed for companies to assess terrorism risks to their international assets. It measures not only the risks of an attack, but also the chances of mass casualties occurring.

The other nine on the list were Somalia (1), Pakistan (2), Iraq (3), Afghanistan (4), Palestinian territories (5), Colombia (6), Thailand (7), Yemen (9) and Russia (10).

Major western economies like the United States (33), France (44) and Britain (46), were included in the medium risk category. Canada (67) and Germany (70) are rated as low risk.

Users comments about the Makati bus explosion and about PNOY's statements

President Aquino had downgraded earlier travel advisories of USA, Britain and Australia warning their nationals about terrorist threat in the Philippines, so now he's saying the Makati bus bombing is most likely the handiwork of terrorists. The implication here is again his administration had failed to consider the importance of being pro-active rather than reactive given the fact that the country have had already similar incidents in the past indicating terrorism is a real threat.

P-Noy must declare martial law and then arrest those serial destabilizers immediately if he wants to end the destabilization campaign against his administration. He must not repeat the mistakes of GMA.

Sadly, this whole “goody-two-shoes” act by Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) just makes him look like a pushover. 

mukhang tama nga, pahiya tayo sa ibang bansa dahil sabi ng gobyerno noon wala daw itong basehan, un pala totoo, kung naging masigasig lang sana ang gobyerno hindi mauuwi sa ganito, dahil kung nakita nila na seryoso ang kampanya ng gobyerno laban sa terorista, hindi sila maglalakas loob na gumawa ng ganito, pero dahil sa binalewala lang ni PNoy ang mga travel advisory dati, ang mga kawawang biktima ngayon ang nagdudusa...

babawiin ni noynoy ang earlier statement nya na handiwork of terrorists ang nangyari, si gloria na naman sisisihin nya. lahat na lang ng kapalpakan isinisisi kay gloria.

Source: LINK

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I met a Prince in a Dwarf costume

Snow White! This is what some calls me because of my fair skin. Whenever people call me by that nick name, it reminds me of an experience from my past about one of her dwarfs, Sleepy.

It was when I was a high school student, we were scheduled to watch a play entitled "Fairest of them all". While sitting with my friends in the front row of the theater, something caught my attention. Someone called me by whistling. Then a little boy approached me and asked for my name and gave me a piece of paper with a cellphone number on it. He said "The prince wants to give you this." As I took it, he went away since the show is about to begin. I'm so flattered and happy that a prince noticed my simple beauty that time when I don't even know how to put make up or anything on my face. Then after a while, the show started.

While watching I keep on looking at the Prince in the play. He's cute and act well. While I'm busy staring at him, I'm so shocked when my friends called my attention while pointing at someone who plays Sleepy, one of Snow White's dwarf. They said he keeps on looking at me since they started the show. I looked at him and caught him looking at me! OMG, he's so cute and I felt so happy that time. He keeps on staring at me sometimes and I do too. But I wonder why the little boy told me that it was the prince who was attracted to me when the dwarf keeps on looking at me. Then someone told me that he is the Prince in the previous play before "Fairest of them All".

I'm so happy that day because I felt like I was a Princess even just for hours. Ha! I'm flattered that he was attracted to me. After the play, I sent him a text message telling him how I enjoyed watching them act. I remember we've exchanged text messages for a while. I can't recall the reason why we stopped communicating with each other. Anyway, I also admired him physically and on how he acts, that's all.

I can never forget that memory because that was the first time that I met a Prince in a dwarf costume. He made me realize that sometimes life gave us a fairytale. I felt that I was in the fairytale book that time. ^^

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Penniless Ghee

Good Morning! Let me share why I feel so broke this month. >_<

Last month my skin starts to have problems that I really hate. First I started having skin allergies known as mild psoriasis, I forgot the exact name for it but it is psoriasis. When I last visited the skin clinic the doctor advised me to use the soap, cream, and take the medicines that she prescribed. After a month, the skin allergies on my upper body were gone. But it didn't made me happy since I got my legs almost covered with the allergies! When I ran out of my cream, and soap, I asked my sister to buy me cream while I bought oatmeal soap. After few weeks, I notice that little by little they're being cured so I don't need to go for a follow up checkup.

I got another problem when I scratched an itchy part of my back close to my shoulder. It was irritated so it become a big red pimple. At first it was okay since I thought it will be gone in time..but I was wrong. It start to hurt and it bothers me because sometimes it's also bleeding. I asked Mom to accompany me to the skin clinic.

Yesterday after work hours, I went to the clinic for my skin checkup. Though we waited for hours because of the number of patients that day, it's worth it because my problem was solved that same day. The doctor burned the pimple like wound on my back and as expected, prescribed me with medicines.

Then this morning, I have to borrow some money again to my parents because I need to buy one of my medicines for my glaucoma. 

Aside from spending money for my health, I also bought LCD monitor for our desktop PC.

I hope next month I can save money and deposit it on my bank account. I really want to save a lot while I'm working. I don't want to spend a lot but since it's necessary to do so especially if it's for my health, then I have to go get some on my pocket or borrow from my parents. Hehe..  ^^

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Capricorn 2011 Horoscope

Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19)
In the world of the Capricorn, indepence is the name of the game. You know what you want and have little patience waiting for others to give you permission to go get it. This year will be a nice rest from struggle, as the Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that success you’ve earned will start to take hold. You might feel some social pressures due to your desire to spend quality time with yourself, so be certain to stay balanced. Enjoy your alone time but keep things positive by making time for others as you enjoy your prosperous year.

Capricorn in 2011

Capricorn 2011 Career and Income Horoscope
The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that Confidence is yours in 2011, thanks to the influence of the Sun on everything that you touch. Per usual, people will be eyeing you and wondering how you do it. Do not let these affect your progress. The good news for everyone else is that you are feeling especially gregarious. You are willing to share your secrets, your energy and your success. Just be cautious. There is a difference between working as a team and sacrificing your efforts to remain popular. Be aware of those trying to steal the fruits of your efforts. Of course, it will only take a tiny step forward on your part, since everyone knows you’re the one making the ship run.

Capricorn 2011 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
In terms of your social life, Mars will do a bit of a number on you in 2011. The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that the onset of Mars is going to make you a bit more antisocial than usual, not to mention cranky. People might wonder at your short fuse or lack of desire to celebrate on a massive scale. This is actually an important equalizer as your energy has been worn down in 2010. The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that 2011 is about revitalizing and focusing on areas that matter, instead of wasting energy as the life of the party. By fall, you will better understand how to find balance in your life. Managing some of your internal demons will make you more capable in the other areas of your life. Don’t expect great strides on an interpersonal level this year, as you need to cultivate your personal garden and make it bloom.

Capricorn 2011 Education and Traveling Horoscope
The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that it’s a great year to learn new things. You’ve already tapped into the vein of success; learn whatever you need to take it to the next level. As this year will be a relaxing time for you, there will be a lack of urgency in your desire to learn. That’s fine. It’s not a race and if it was, you’re already way ahead. Reward yourself with that vacation you’ve been waiting for.

Capricorn 2011 Health Horoscope
It’s time to reevaluate, according to the Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope . In the past, you have skated through with a lack of attention to your health. Don’t take it for granted. Mentally, you will have to deal with the struggle brought on by the nagging of Saturn. If you pay attention to what your body needs, give it adequate food, exercise and rest, the Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that you will be more capable of battling the attack on your psyche that 2011 will try to bring. Either way, you will find peace by the fall. It’s only a matter of whether or not you want to spend your year fighting with yourself or working towards peace.

Capricorn 2011 Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn January 2011 Horoscope
Career may pose challenges, try to get to the root cause or even with a job change you will find yourself in the same situation. Home front will be favorable and you will feel like spending all your time with loved ones and indulge in home improvement and decorating activities. Relationships will be at its best for couples and those not yet committed may enter into engagement. Bank balance will increase prompting purchases of big items like electronics and furnishings, however shop with care.

Capricorn February 2011 Horoscope
Life will proceed to your liking but lingering issues of January will still pose challenges. You will be able to handle them objectively. Your charm and charisma will be boosted due to Venus entering into your sign; you will be the most popular in your social circle. Your intuitions will be quite strong this month. Bank balance will grow this month through unexpected sources like a raise or a bonus or returns from investments spend carefully. If applying for credit card or loan, read through the fine print.

Capricorn March 2011 Horoscope
Your hands will be full with domestic and career responsibilities and you will find yourself in a balancing act. This could lead to short tempers and misunderstandings. Take time out for yourself and try to relax at the spa or a one day vacation. Relationships will otherwise be pleasant. Bank balance will still look good with an expected raise, though not quite what you hoped for. Purchase household items in the beginning of the month and you will be able to get good bargains, avoid shopping in the last week - a good looking deal will end up with disappointment.

Capricorn April 2011 Horoscope
Domestic challenges will continue though tensions will tend to ease by the month end. Your mantra should be patience and communication. Through the challenges, you will have a delightful time with friends and family. You will also serve as an inspiration to others and conversing and receiving responses from people will be quite easy. Full moon indicates power struggles and clash or egos and personalities is on the cards especially on the career front. Try and stay on sidelines.

Capricorn May 2011 Horoscope
Thankfully only minor irritations will trouble you. The month will be full of outdoor activities and entertaining with fun filled hours with family and kids. Be careful in the last 10 days of the month, haste triggers mishaps. You may receive some good news about home and family in the first 2 weeks of the month. Avoid meetings and important talks around 23 rd as any project you start then will be plagued by confusion.

Capricorn June 2011 Horoscope
Stress and tension will prevail both on the family and career front. Conflicts may arise due to elevated stress, heed to your sixth sense and take time out for self renewal and to be with your mate. Couples will have delightful and memorable moments while singles will get lots of opportunities to date. Get creative, start a hobby or something new. Career-wise time will be very productive. Pay attention to the happenings at your work place and you will be ready for what may happen later in the month.

Capricorn July 2011 Horoscope
Some relationships may be challenging, but after the New Moon things will be uplifting. Career too may pose difficulties which will directly or indirectly affect personal relationships. Try to let go of your frustrations and keep your cool. There will be monetary gains for you or your partner, but wait before making major purchases. Conduct important business and financial meetings around 8 th, 9 th and 11 th.

Capricorn August 2011 Horoscope
Mix-ups may occur on travel plans, money matters, long distance communication and legal matters. Take special precautions. For students, you may hear good news regarding a scholarship. Relationships are up and down this month. Conflict in career and family may occur on the 10 th and 25 th. Major financial decisions should be postponed until September.

Capricorn September 2011 Horoscope
With several planets in Libra this month Libra will experience career-related challenges. When Venus transits Virgo through the 13 th and Mercury advancing in the same sign form the 9 th to the 24 th communication and possibly travel are in the picture. Libra finds comprehension a snap with the Full Moon in Pisces on the 12 th. Libra experiences positive cash flow this month.

Capricorn October 2011 Horoscope
With the Full Moon in Aries, Capricorn experiences a pull in directions- family life vs. career. After the Full Moon has passed you will enjoy family time. Friends and socializing will enter the picture later in the month with energy peaks. Capricorn will experience both stress and ease on the career front.

Capricorn November 2011 Horoscope
With Mercury turning retrograde this month Capricorn experiences mix-ups and misunderstandings. Confirm dates, plans, etc. and keep backups and accurate records. Slow the pace a bit this month. Enjoy time with the family. Social life will be high. For single Capricorns, if you are looking for a new relationship, this is the month! Career advancement may be in the picture.

Capricorn December 2011 Horoscope
Capricorn experiences challenges in family and career this December. Take an easy attitude. Most days will be upbeat and Capricorn will enjoy holiday socializing. Expect weather delays if traveling. The career front is fast-paced this month. Christmas should be full with many nice gifts for the Capricorn.

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Thank You Mr. V

Everybody has a first love, they have left in yesterday.
Feelings they have left behind, it's just a place in time but not so far away.
Everybody has a first love, when the dream they shared was new.
I remember that special someone, so I wrote this song just for you.

First love in my life. Where are you tonight? I wonder about you.
First love in my life. Did things turned out alright? I worry about you.
'Cause I've got everything, everything in life that I wanted.
It would kill me now and make me sad to know you are lonely.
First love never dies.

I wish you love, I wish you happiness. And may the years be kind to you.
You'll always be a part of me, share this thought with me. I'll carry you always.

First love, first love never dies. Remember
First love, first love never dies. I tell you
First love, first love never dies. Remember
First love, first love never dies. Whoa. . .

This is song "First Love" by James Seals and Eddie Brown will always remind me of my childhood sweetheart Mr. V. After meeting him and wondering why he didn't talked a lot to me and can't even look at me, I thought maybe it's because he's just shy or maybe because he still likes me. I'm not someone who assume a lot even when the signs are obvious because I'd rather confirm it by the person telling me instead of assuming anything.

This morning I received text messages from Mr. V telling me that he's so thankful I gave him a chance to meet me again. For him it was like a dream come true. He also said that nothing has changed with what he feels for me. I never though he'd admit that. After 13 years of not seeing and communicating with each other, he told me I'm the most important girl in his life. I don't know what to say so I just replied with a "Thank you and have a safe trip back to Japan", since he's going back to Japan now where he's working.

Before, when I was a 10 year old little girl, I remember liking him a lot. We liked each other though we don't always talk. We just communicate thru love letters. He likes buying stuffs and giving them to me. I regret giving them back to him when we had a fight. I can't get them back because he gave them to our friend who also liked me before and told him to just do whatever he wants to do since he don't need those stuffs anymore. I'm so stupid to give them back to someone who gave them to me. I also remember crying a lot when my family moved to different place to live. If I remember it right it was 1998 when we left the school where I used to study with Mr. V, and since that day, we never saw and talk to each other. I had a diary when I was 11 or 12 where I will always write about him, our puppy love story, how I missed him, how I wanted to meet him, etc. When I'm watching a cartoon or anime, the male lead character, I always imagine him as Mr. V, because he used to look like them (e.g. Tamahome of Fushigi Yuugi) when we were still young. Whenever I think about it now I can't help but laugh. Memories of our past makes me happy and grateful with what we had before.

I don't regret anything (except for those souvenirs that I could have treasured instead of giving back to him), because it made us who we are now. When he found me by searching my name on Facebook last year, I was shocked and at the same time happy that we were able to communicate again. During his stay here for his vacation, he will call me when he knows I'm not busy, text me, and then meet me. 

I'm so thankful and happy to meet him. I don't feel anything special for him anymore. It's been almost 13 years and a lot has changed. What makes me happy is because we are still good friends in the end. I wish him happiness and success with everything he's doing. I hope someday he will find the woman destined to be with him forever. Though for me he's only a brother or friend now, in my heart, in my life, he will be forever my first love. Someone who taught me how to appreciate and treat a person in a special way. Someone who makes me feel I'm special at an early age. Someone who still admires me though a lot has changed. Someone that I will forever call my FIRST CHILDHOOD PUPPY LOVE..yes, he's all that. Thank you Mr. V. ^^

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My Story by Brown Eyed Soul

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Beware of Pervert Men!

I've been wanting to blog about this topic but because of my laziness I can't do it. So now, since I don't have much to do and since it's Friday I finally decided to open Notepad, change font style to Curlz and started typing about it. I'm going to share my experience when I encountered 3 pervert men. I didn't met them all at once but I won't forget how mad I am that time. Here it is. Read. Ha!

First Encounter: Old Man in a Jeep
If I remember it right, this happened when I was still a first year college student. It was our PE day so I was wearing our PE uniform that day when I took a jeepney on my way home together with my classmate and her boyfriend. An old man with a bag sat beside me. Later I start to notice that his hands that used to be on top of his bag on his lap started to go down near my legs. It's as if he placed right left hand on my right leg. I don't know how to properly explain it, but in short he is pretending to be asleep while his left hand touches my right thigh. I wanted to shout, cry, slap him, and get out of that jeepney immediately, but I can't. I was shocked because it's my first time to be in that situation. Sometimes I will put my bag on the side so he can't touch me. When I got home, I texted my friend and told about it. The next day she told me that next time if same thing happens, I must tell her and her BF so they can do something. I also told my BF about it and he was so mad. Since then, my BF started waiting for me so we can take the jeepney together on our way home. 

Second Encounter: A Man in A Bicycle
After taking exam from school, while I was on my way to my Aunt's house, a man in a bicycle suddenly told me something which made me really mad that time. It was so fast and yet so unforgettable! I can't share with you what he said but I was shocked, got mad, and frightened that time. I can't think of any reason why would he say such thing when I'm wearing a decent school uniform that time. When I reached my Aunt's house where Mom's also there because she's working, I told them about it and started to cry. I cried because I was so mad. I don't know what's his reason for telling me those words. 

Third Encounter: Pretending to be a Gentleman but he's actually a Pervert one
This is when I'm already working as a professional. I hate it when the jeepney is almost full and yet the caller will still ask people to ride it just for the sake of earning a lot. Some will offer a seat beside them and when I encounter that I usually find them being so nice especially with men. But I also experienced when a man will offer a seat beside him just so he can try to do something stupid to me. Their style is usually pretending to be asleep so their hands will accidentally fall beside your thigh or they will move closer to you, or get something from their pocket. If I'm not aware and I'm a stuppid girl,  sitting beside such a guy can make him touch my breasts or thigh..but since I'm not that stupid, I know what to do to avoid it. I usually cover them by my hand. I like to put my hankerchief on my nose and put my bag on my lap so if their hand accidentally falls because they're pretending to sleep, it will land on my bag where my umbrella and lunch box is inside. 

I hate it but can't do anything about it. It's part of taking jeepney wherever you go. I've been in a situation with the 3rd encounter. I want to slap them but being an educated person, I still have to be patient and to respect them even though they don't deserve it. When I'm riding a jeepney, I prefer to sit beside women so I can have a good ride. Being a sleepy person, since I was a kid I have a habit of closing my eyes while I'm traveling. But if a man is seated beside me, I can't do that. I have to be aware with what's happening or else I'm screwed. 

That's it. I don't know if it's a good thing that I've had 3 encounters with pervert men because now I'm more aware with what to do when another one tries to mess with me! ^^

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A date with my CS

CS means Childhood Sweetheart. As I mentioned on my previous post which talks about him, it's been more than a decade since we met and talked to each other. Last year he found me because of Facebook and that's the time when we started communicating again. Then last Saturday he came back to the Philippines for his one week vacation. I've received calls and text messages from him since he came back. 

Last night together with his best friend who is also a good friend of mine and classmate when we're still elementary students, we met and talked in Starbucks. He's so tall and so quiet! His best friend almost did the talking, haha. 

There's nothing special about it. I'm just happy that after almost 13 years of not seeing and communicating with them, because of him coming back to our country, it gave us that opportunity to finally meet and talk. 

When I came back home I sent a thank you message to the both of them. He replied with a message stating that he still feel his heart beating fast. I realized that he might still like me. Even before when we're just chatting I notice that he still have a thing for me. I didn't want to misunderstood so I always tell him that he's like a brother to me. 

I feel a bit sad because of it. It's been more than a decade and I don't feel anything special for him anymore. I'm really hoping that he can move on and meet another woman who he can love and someone who can love him back. What we had before is like infatuation because we're just 10 years old back then. I'm happy that we're still good friends until now.

Nothing can change the fact that he is my childhood sweetheart, though it's not really love, but for me he is my "First Love".

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Famous Koreans in the Philippines


Oh Sang-mi, better known as Sam Oh (born January 15, 1980 in South Korea), is a television host and a Korean expatriate who has been living in the Philippines for 20 years.[1] She can speak Tagalog (Philippines’ national language) and English in addition to her native Korean. She has been the main hostess of Rated Oh! on Solar Entertainment's ETC cable channel for eight seasons and a columnist of The Manila Times.

Oh landed the job on ETC through an audition, which was turned into a reality show.
She had a morning radio show on 99.5 Hit FM (now 99.5 RT) entitled Sam Vs Sam with former co-host Sam YG (until Sam YG was suspended by management which led to his eventual transfer to Magic 89.9 on July 2007). By September, she was part of its replacement, The HiT Morning Crew, along with the Flushmasters Sonny B & Bennii and newsgirl Christina (previously with Robi the Rascal and Boytoy Chevy Chase). That show lasted until she decided to leave radio for good to concentrate on her new television show Living It Up on Q. (Such timing occurred when Hit was about to rebrand to Campus 99.5 on March 2008.) Oh has also posed for FHM Philippines as part of "The Girls of FHM" in its September 2006 issue.

Sam Oh is currently seen on her new show, "Sarap At Home" with Nino Legarte airs daily on Q. Also she is heard on Disturbing the Peace with Gibb on 99.5 RT

TV shows

Rated Oh! (ETC)
Living It Up (Q)
True Confections (QTV 11)
Events, Inc. (Q)
Sarap At Home (Q)
Delicioso (Q)


Grace Lee (Korean: 이경희; born Lee Kyung Hee) is a Korean television host and radio disc jockey working in the Philippines. She is the third Korean expatriate to appear prominently in Philippine television, after Sandara Park and Sam Oh.[1] She can speak Tagalog and English in addition to her native Korean.

Lee planned on becoming a journalist. She sent her résumé on major television studios in the Philippines and received a callback from GMA Network.[2] She landed her first Philippine TV hosting job last March 2007 as a segment host in Q Network’s lifestyle-magazine show "The Sweet Life". Among her first assignments include featuring life in Korea where she gets to wear traditional female garbs as well as interviewing prominent Korean celebrities such as Yoon Se Ah of Lovers in Prague and King Sejong the Great drama series.

She recently joined Magic 89.9's morning radio show Good Times With Mo with Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo as a replacement for Andi-9.[2] Lee is also a Manila correspondent for Yonhap Television News in Korea, as well as teaches at the Manila New Life Church's Sunday school for preschool students and takes part in various outreach programs.

Grace Lee hosted a cooking reality show, "Eateria" that aired every Sunday mornings on GMA Network. Lee also hosted "Diz Iz It" that airs 6 days a week on GMA.

She is now a guest segment anchor both for News on Q on Q network on weeknights, and 24 Oras Weekend Edition on Saturdays on GMA Network. Grace Lee has the nicest pair of puppies.
[edit]Personal Life


Ryan Bang Hyun Sung (Bang Hyun Sung, Hangul: 방현성, Hanja: 方縣成, born June 16, 1991), better known as simply Ryan Bang, is a Korean comedian, television host, television personality, and former reality show contestant who rose to fame in the Philippines when he joined the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010. He placed as the 2nd teen big placer on the show. Ryan currently hosts a show called 3ow Powhz! on Studio 23 Channel.

In May 2010, Ryan Bang entered the Big Brother house along with 10 other Teenternational housemates. After 78 days, he was able to garner enough votes to reach the final episode wherein he won the competition as the 2nd Teen Big Winner by getting 18.70% of the entire votes.
In August 2010, Ryan Bang became one of the judges in Showtime and stayed from August 16, 2010 up to present.

Besides from being a longest staying judge at Showtime, he currently hosts 30w POwhz at Studio 23 and stars at the comedy gag show Banana Split.

In December 5, 2010, he joined Kim Atienza in hosting the show Matanglawin.

Information: WIKIPEDIA
Photos: Google Images

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Thoughts on Kim Daul

Yesterday since I wasn't so busy at work, I read a blog of a Filipina married to a Korean. While checking at her previous blog entries, I found the one that talks about suicide among Korean actors. As I read about it I found myself searching for the other actors that were mentioned. Then I started browsing and reading. I spent my day searching and reading about the death of Kim Daul. Based on my research she's a very famous and successful supermodel. A lot of people believed that she committed suicide because of her depression. I even checked and read her blog that's why as you can see on my post yesterday I shared some of the entries where I noticed how lonely, sad, she is. 

For more information, you can Google about it. I also found this article which talks about her death as well. You can read it here -

I feel sad because she seems to be so sad and lonely despite the success she had. She started modeling at an early age, she wasn't able to enjoy her youth because of her work. One of the reasons that I think affected her the most is being away with her family. She's just alone and tired with what she's doing. As early as 2007 she wrote an entry on her blog which is something about her being tired and somewhat depressed but no one around her noticed it. 

I'm sad with what kind of life she had. She's successful and a supermodel but it's not making her happy at all. 

Wherever she is now, I hope and pray she found the happiness she never found when she was still here alive. I thik she's happier now. 

Though I don't know much about her and it's been a year since she died, it really affected me. Reading her blog is like knowing her story, feeling her sadness and loneliness. 

She's a great model and I believe she has a good heart as well. Perhaps she's busy now in her new world being happy with what she simply is. Not the Kim Daul as a supermodel, but a happy Kim Daul. Rest in Peace. I hope you are happy and in peace now. I admire you. (umm, you could've consulted a professional because I also feel sorry to those people who loves you...but i understand...maybe you really want to rest and be happy.) I'm one of your fan now. You're not only a great model but a wonderful person as well. ^^

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Where are You?

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Kim Daul's Death

While reading a blog of a Filipina married to a Korean, I found an entry about Korean actors committing suicide and while searching about it, I read about the suicide story of a supermodel named Kim Daul. I was interested so I searched and read more about her. I compiled some of her entries in her blog. For me these are clear signs of what she really feel inside. Her blog is

APRIL 2007
daulmonster recently is doing well. too busy traveling. like 3 countries in one week. its overwhelming and i am going to smash my face with this hammer, so you will probably not see daul as so often as before. but you will see daulmonster as she lives inside ur heart forever.
my life as daul was so miserable and lonely. please join my loneliness in another world.
i love you all. - daul
KIDDING . im fine. just tired.
i really had these moments like
i want to lock myself in a room forever
and just not talk to anybody cos all of these things are so stupid
fashion and society is so ridiculous.... 
and i just want to let everything go
clothes and fashion is fun. but theyre not like my first priority
i dont care about standards and what people think. 
i want to be myself.
i was shooting for tank magazine
and we went to coney island yesterday
** on our way we saw a grave yard sooooo amazing
gosh i really want to be buried there
..and thanks to stupid tv show from korea ppl think i like to
torture myself and thanks to that im getting lots and lots of
suicide emails on a daily basis 
but im definately not depressed, and i dont want to killmyself 
i wish you all feel good about yourself and just think happy
and listen to 80's music and smile and 'dance-walk' like boy george.
AND PLEASE dont kill me.....cos i dont reply ur emails cos
i dont want to die....
always somebody eats my food without asking. and always food goes missing....
lately i was sooo upset cos somebody finished this cereal my mom dhl-ed me
like i really really like this cereal called hyun mi o gok 
and its like sugar free and my favourite favourtie and i was really eating it slowly
cos i wanted it to last and i always hug the cereal box when i watch tv
cos i kinda feel like close to my mom when i do that
i came back from paris yesterday and it was totally FINISHED
and someone even put the box next to the trash can so i cant hug it now.
i was really sad so its making me feel bit depressed 
i think its worse nowdays cos i really didnt miss home when i was like 13 and traveling,
but im still 17 and maybe some ppl think im old enough but really all these years
traveling and missing school and missing real home time is effecting me now
i dont have much memories from school cos i quit school when i was 15 going on 16
and i home schooled . but even when i was 13 i didnt really have friends my age
and i had like 3 friendsf rom highschool and i still dont have friends my age.
it made me be more mature but at the same time sometimes i feel sad...
..and it made me feel so empty .. empty empty empty. im not even motivated to do anything 
really. not because rave is gone. but because everything was really nothing to begin with.
no past no future. no past. no future. to have no past. to have no future. to do nothing. 
to not even be in a state of nothingness. to dissapear. no past. no past. no future. no utopia. 
no hell. no nothing. i miss the days, when i had no future. now im just left with the past. 
i miss the days when i used to dream being dazed, zoned out. nowdays i dont even want to get 
high or sad or lonely. i just want to feel nothing. think about no past. miss nothing. create 
nothing. do nothing. no future no past. no nostalgia... just nothing...
why live a real life. 
i just want to run away. 
i just want to sleep forever.
MARCH 2009
like in the movie Amadeus, mankind always praises for eternity, forever lasting "fire that never 
dies". like in the Greek legends, where people do certain things to leave their names behind.
so in music, art, literature, architecture (ESP!), fame, glory, power, idolizing, history is all 
going back to the same theme. wanting to be remembered for eternity even after death.
to be a legend even after  centuries and centuries have passed. 
so childish/sentimental reason in the end 
"i want people to remember me even when im gone"
JUNE 2009
say hi happiness!!!
to be honest, living in paris was fun 
but also very very depressing
i was used to getting anything i want at anytime
since i was young
i used to get very upset or agressive or simply
did not understand WHY sometimes i cant get what i want
and now i realised, things dont work like that
in europe... almost more than 50% of chance
it wont work out like you want, and people will be retarded about things
and if you stress about it
only you will suffer
i knew the theory always but then its hard to accept it,
and i told myself, before im 25, i will force myself to suffer abit in abroad
to develop myself, cos i feel like when i get back home ppl treat me like a princess
and i keep getting super spoiled....n alot of weird ppl so...i become caught up
its better in korea i can focus on the emotional complexity of life
its abit entertaining to deal with psycho people ... 
... it kills time.
its still a constant battle between my old friends telling me 
"Uve become so tough poor you! means u suffered"
"its so un nessasory you learn these things you are gonna come back anyway"
but im sure there is a way to become strong without being tough...
ive been very happy recently. and im learning how to not be tough but strong.
i lived a fast life and i wanted to end it as quick as possible
and now days i feel like... everyday is kind of precious to me
JULY 2009
the past that makes you cry will make you grow
the loneliness that makes you cry will make you strong
do not regret your past 
do not forget your past
past is just past
anyway it does not exist
it can not exist 
it will remain in you
but it can not rule you
as it is only memories
since you already have a different world,
you should be the person in that world.,,
nothing else
say hi to growing up
my friend told me over lunch the other day
that you get a better understanding of yourself
and all of the little confusing things of your past
comes more in a clear sense in your early 20's
its been quite true, in my late teens i was quite
confused about couple things
still im abit confused but slowly
i am getting a broader view of what actually
happened or things that i have, and what things actually are
and moved on, no hate, no self pity , forgive and forget
im in heaven and im in hell 
alot of the times, this kind of job, damages people.
but for me,
ironically it gave me time to think about myself alot. (since all the wait and things)
i told myself, from beginning to spend time nicely, spend time wisely.
also fame, comes and goes. 
i just wanted to go away.
i grew up with alot of things.
but i have nothing to go back to.
im not korean, im not english, im not singaporean, im not european. im not american.
no hometown to be stuck to.
i wonder. where is my home.
even before this job, i was always wondering. 
i was such a lonely child
now my friends comfort me by telling me, 
that i can make my own new home now, as i am free.
i am in heaven i am in hell.
say bye
i tell myself im strong. 
i dont need to show my painful past
no one needs to know the horror i went through
i grew up too quick and no one, saw past my surface
i dont know how to hurt people
i dont know how to be loved
i dont know how to love
im hurt 
but im strong
and im perfect 
im lonely.
what kind of loneliness?
every kind. 
i feel disconnected. abandoned.
as always.
so what my love.
so what.
at first,
i just wanted to run away.
now i have no where else to run to
nothing to run from
i dont belong anywhere.
i dont want to go anywhere 
i just wanted to be happy
so many times i almost jumped but didn't
i thought it was funny and ironic, kind of sad..because i spend so much time in the bath tub in reality as well.
NOVEMBER 18, 2009
Say hi to forever - blog entry title
I go deep  video
jim rivers
best track forever
The first I knew of Daul Kim was on Friday 11/20 when I read of her tragic death. As I read the news of her passing I found myself wanting to know more about the young woman, and I searched the internet for every shred of info I could find on her. This young woman touched me on a level that is surprising, not because of her status as a supermodel, or the trappings of the so-called success that she allegedly had. And it now obvious none of those things brought her true fulfillment. What it was that touched me was her vulnerability and humanity which put out there in her blog as she bared her soul. And yet it seems no one heard her, the cries of  despair and or torment. If they did it was misunderstood or ignored. That is biggest part of the tragedy. Rest in peace, Daul. I hope wherever you are now affords you everything that was so lacking in your previous existence.

I will write more about my thoughts about her on my next post. RIP Kim Daul. ^^

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