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Plan: Beach Pictorial

how to lose fats in __ days?!!

My BFF asked me if my Aunt who is a dressmaker also makes swimsuits. My friend said she's been searching for swimwear but they are all so expensive. She sent me links and I was interested to check on some designs that I can wear.

I checked on some swimsuit design and I found myself planning to have one made for me and asking my BFF to schedule a beach vacation where we can have a beach pictorial wearing our swimsuits. Well, my problem is how about my fats? I have a quite big tummy, and double chin! If I will wear something like that I want my body to be sexy haha..
So, after searching for designs and poses that I can do, I'm gonna need to search on how to lose fats on my body as soon as possible.. hahaha.. I can't starve myself but I will try if I can do some easy and effective exercises. Wish me luck! ^^

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