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May 1 Labor Day

Today is May 1, 2011 - Labor Day. Oh well, time flies so fast. It's almost 3 years when I started working in my field which is IT. Surprisingly, I don't even have enough savings in my bank account to prove how hardworking I am. My explanation to that is because I'm sharing it with my family, and I also have some things that I need to buy. I don't know until when will I have this kind of situation. You know what? Sometimes I feel a bit sad because I always take part when it comes to home expenses. My share is not too much but it's kinda tiring sometimes. It's okay lending them my money but sometimes I also want to deposit most of my earnings in my account. I want to have a lot of savings for myself. I want to discipline myself from buying unnecessary stuffs.

Don't get me wrong...I didn't write this to complain. It's my responsibility as the eldest in the family to share when it comes to home expenses. I'm happy whenever I see my family members happy. But then, I'm thinking that I should think about what will make me happy too. I've been thinking about how to save money lately. Save some at the bank, and some for my personal needs/wants. Being single, I have plans that I want to accomplish too. Plans such as traveling to different places in our country, traveling abroad, buying stuffs for myself, etc. For almost 3 years I can say all that I think of is how can I make my parents proud of me and how can I make my family happy. I also spend money for myself but I want to save more so I need to control myself.

Being an employee is not easy. Compared to being a student it's more rewarding but difficult as well. More rewarding because of the compliments and salary you get. Difficult because the challenges comes in many ways. It's like having project that you need to work on properly. It's challenging. Time and money management are also some of the things you consider. In this life, money plays a vital role. Who said money can't buy happiness? Well, in my opinion, it can also become someone's happiness. But happiness does not solely depend on how much money you have nor how many things you bought for yourself or for your family. Right?

Anyway, that's all for today. I just wanted to write my thoughts about this matter. Money alone cannot make you happy but it can be a reason of someone's happiness in some ways. ^^

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