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My Prayer

Last night while I'm preparing to sleep, I heard my sister calling my younger brother's name because it seems someone is pushing the door in our kitchen. I thoought it's a visitor but I was scared when my sister went to our room and told me she thinks someone is pushing the door to get in. I quickly went out to check who it is. I pushed the door and asked who is it. No one answered and I was so shocked when I saw a big rat! My sister and I screamed. Mom went in the kitchen to check what's happening. She said she was also scared and nervous when she heard us screaming. We woke up our baby Pacey (pet cat) so he can kill that rat but he didn't catch it. Our baby is so sleepy and followed Mom when she went back to her room. -_-

I find it hard to sleep that night. I asked myself, what if it's not that big rat who is pushing on our door to get in? I was the only one who went there to ask who it is and what if they were bad guys? I was scared. I'm always worried every night when it comes to things like this. I always check the  doors and windows if they were properly locked so nobody can get in our house. You can say that I'm a paranoid but I just want to make sure that we are all safe. I thank God every morning when I wake up because HE always guide and protect us. 

I used to pray for a lot of things when I'm talking to HIM. But now that I'm not a little girl anymore, I always let HIM know how grateful I am for all the blessings in my life. I always ask HIM to give me more time to appreciate and be with the people I love so I can do the things that I want to do for them. I appreciate everything. I don't ask for any material things whatsoever. All I really pray is for HIM not to get tired of loving us, protecting us, forgiving us, and understanding us. My prayer is always like this: "Please keep us (family and friends) safe and healthy every day. I hope you won't get tired of us." It's a short and simple prayer, right? But it means a lot to me. 

I pray that together with my family and friends, may we always be safe, healthy and alive. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi there ghee!!

You seriously touched me ,huh ..
You know...We're Really the same..
I Always Pray Like This "Please keep my family away from all harm and dangers..."

You know..Im really having A hard time these days...My Baby Cousin Just Passed Away... So this really touched me...

Call me..., jho !!

ghee said...

Hi jho, thanks for your comment. I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your baby cousin. Everything happens for a reason. I hope your cousin is happy now wherever he/she is. I think h/she'll be a good angel to you and his/her family.

QteenaHazman .: said...

hi ghee~

i loveeee this entry.its really sweet.
although we're from different religion,but i think our point of view towards our Gods are still the same.

don't stop praying.
and may HE keeps blessing u with great! =]

*we dont know each to that pic for making me jump into ur nice blog. :D

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