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Smile - reblogged

Why not smile? You can always find a reason to smile, believe it or not. You can say that your life is the worst, you can find a hundred reasons to prove that your life sucks, but I bet you anything, that if you let yourself search, you can find a thousand reasons to smile. Whether it's a person, a memory, a possession, you can always find something worth living for. 

So many people spend their lives hating, complaining, moaning, but really, what's the point? Of course, everyone has off days, everyone gets angry, upset, annoyed, but you don't need to spend your whole life living like that. Everyone will go through some crap at some point in their lives, doesn't mean you have to let it take over though. Even when you have to go through pain every day, as hard as it is, try to shrug it off with a smile. Because at the end of the day, it's you who is living your life, no one else, so make it a good one, and smile. 

Start off the day with a smile, share that smile with others, and make someone else smile too. Everyone wants to be happy, so why shouldn't they be? Happiness is for everyone, not just the bitches who try to take it away from me. Because you can stay strong, and stay smiling. You can look a bully in the eye and shrug, and smile slightly to yourself, knowing that they're going to be the ones that suffer in life. It's not so hard really. People who try to harm your life aren't worth your tears. But so many people/things, are worth a smile. A smile from you.

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