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Weekend Stuffs

It's Monday once again. How's your weekend my dear reader(s)? (wondering if I have readers haha) I had a great weekend. Here's what I did last Saturday and Sunday.

Woke up at 7am because Mom asked if my sister and I are going to Angeles City. I told her the original plan is to watch movie in SM Clark but then I just decided to go to AC first to do the things I need to do. Mom went there with us because she also needs to buy something. After AC we went to SM Clark mall and had lunch in Chowking. My Mom and my sister were so happy with my simple lunch treat which made me happy too. ^^

It's Mother's Day! I woke up at 9am to have breakfast and play with baby Pacey (our pet cat). After that I checked my Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo Mail accounts. Then I turned on the TV to watch. In the afternoon my sister and I went to AC to buy some food for our Mom's Day treat for Mama. We're so happy when it made her happy and thankful for it.

I'm not really good in organizing my thoughts in this blog. I envy those that can write really well. I usually just write random things. Anyway, it's okay, haha. So that's how I spent my weekend. 

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