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when it's my turn to be a MOM

May 8, 2011 is Mother's Day. I'm sure everyone greeted their moms, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, a very Happy Mother's Day, right? Most probably gave something special for their mom in that very special day.

Like any other kids, I love my Mom so much. I appreciate everything she does. I'm so grateful and proud that I have a Mom like her. Then I wonder, what kind of Mom will I be in the future? Of course, I want to do it like how she is doing it but it's still dfficult whenever I think about it. Then I told her, "When it's my turn to be a mother, can I do it like  you?" and she said "Yes. Just think positive." and I was like "I'm afraid that I won't be a good Mom..that I might just always scold and yell at my kids because of my mood swings whatsoever." and she just smiled. Haha.. I don't know how will it be like to be a real mom. Can I do it like how Mom is doing? Well, as long as she's there for me, to guide me, to teach me, I know it will be fine.

I may be a bit strict but I'm sure I will love my kids like how Mom love us. 

In our family, we don't always say how we love each other. I'm not sure if I'm good in expressing it. Sometimes we just say it randomly. But deep in my heart, I really love my family. My papa, my mama, my sister, and my younger brother. When I started working, the first goal I set is to make them happy. 

I remember when I was a little girl, I used to pray to HIM that it's okay even if I don't have someone special (boyfriend) in my life, as long as I have good job that I can work on so I can save a lot for my family, that will be fine. In the right time, that someone will come along and I hope you will send him to me when I'm almost done with my goals for my family. When I think about it now, it seems like God granted me that wish. Yes, I admit that sometimes I feel lonely because I've been single for such a long time, but when I'm with my family and I see how happy they are, I tend to forget that sadness because of my zero-lovelife.

I'm still busy with my other goals for my family and still busy improving myself. Why? So, when that someone come along, I won't feel bad if I start focusing on our life together without worrying about my family. I want to be a better me so I will be worth having and worth keeping. 

Being Single makes you smart about Life. There are so many things I realized while I'm alone. I hope next time that I will fall in love, it will be with the right one. In the future, when it's my turn to be a Mother, I want to be like Mom and I want to have a daughter like me. ^.~

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