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Forever And A Day

I don't always watch Pinoy movies unless they have good stories and good actors. While reading a blog I found an entry about a new Pinoy romantic movie entitled 'Forever and a Day'. I don't like the actors especially the girl but when I watched the trailer I realize it might be an interesting movie to watch. Its director is also known to be someone to always produce great movies.

Here is the trailer of the movie. I really like the line when Eugene asked why the Raffy is running away from him. Raffy says that she is afraid that she might fall in love with him. That's what I feel right now... I want to walk away or distance myself from someone because I'm afraid that I might fall...but then here I am..can't do anything but to enjoy and see where will it take me. I'm not in love..but I'm happy. Thanks to someone. ^^v

Just a guess, I think Raffy has a disease like Cancer or whatever.. :p

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