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Guess what?! I like you! ^^

As I've been saying over and over again, I've been living happily Single for 3 years now. As far as I know I still like it though there are times that loneliness and sadness strikes me. Well, I think it's normal to feel what I feel right now. Not until I started knowing someone.

Let me tell you about this someone. Mmm.. well, we always meet, like everyday because we work in the same company. I don't know when did I start liking him.. I just know that I do. 

When I'm still new to the Company, my close friend once asked me which among the guys do I find attractive and interesting. In short, who's my crush among the male employees here. At first I said no one, then she keeps on asking so I said it was him. I wasn't serious that time. I chose him because I like his personality and he looks cool to me.

We're not really close until we started texting each other. We're closer now than we are before. We always tease each other, talk about our pets, movies, etc. Lately I found myself laughing whenever I think about what we are talking about. His sense of humor is one of the things I really like about him.

Most of the employees here are already in a relationship except me, him, and his cousin. They sometimes tease us but it's not really a big deal. I understand why they do it. We're both single, they love teasing us sometimes, and it makes them laugh, so I just smile when they do that.

Sometimes I'm worried with what's happening lately. I don't know where will this lead. Yes, I have a bad habit of thinking too much about a lot of things including this one. I'm confused but the situation right now...this makes me happy.

He doesn't know this...but I like him...and he makes me happy. ^^v
Hey, you, guess what? I like you! ^^v

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