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Too Beautiful to Lie

Too Beautiful to Lie aka Don't Believe Her (Korean Movie)

This is a very interesting and hilarious Korean movie! I don't mind watching it over and over again. I love everything about it. The cast, the story, the places in the movie, everything! It made me laugh a lot. There is no boring scene in this movie. I like it a lot.. or should I say I really love it?! 

You should really watch this film and I'm very sure you'll laugh a lot. A very simple, light, interesting, and very funny movie. I really recommend it.

Here is the plot of the story.

"Yeong-ju" is a cute, innocent looking girl with an excellent deception skills who is imprisoned for fraud. But using her talent she managed to go through the evaluation and able to receive a parole for her only sister's wedding. She boards a train with wooden crafted geese which she handcrafted as for her sister's wedding gift. But during the journey she is confronted by an innocent village boy "Hui-cheol". He is also on his way to propose his love to his girlfriend with his deceased mother's family heirloom ring. New problems begin when Yeong-ju witnessing pickpocket man stealing the ring from Hui-cheol. Driven mad by her own safety she stole the ring back, to make everything back to normal. But unfortunately for her, she is unable to board the train on time thus missing it and leaving her wedding gift bag on the train.

Determined to find her bag, she tracks down Hui-cheol and reaches his village looking for him. Making things more complicated everybody misunderstood her and welcomed her as their daughter-in-law due to the ring. Unwilling to tell them the truth due to her own safety and get time to resumption of her bag she manages to fool everyone around the family and manipulate Hui-cheol as father of her unborn child. Meanwhile, Hui-cheol who didn’t have the ring to make the marriage proposal comes back empty with a heavy heart, and is enraged when he finds the plot that has been going on while he was away. But worsening his situation, no one actually believes him, thinking he had abandoned his poor fiancee, and ended up kicked him out of the house making his life more miserable.

Now the dramatic showdown between Yeong-ju and Hui-cheol, truth vs. lie begins. Who would win? Will Yeong-ju manage to retain her bag or Hui-cheol manage to retain his ring?

Check the movie trailer or watch it with Eng Subs on Youtube. Enjoy! ^^v


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