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Why all of a sudden...?

"If he really loves you, it won't take another man for him to realize that."

I saw this tweet from a Twitter acccount that I'm following and I liked it so I hit on Retweet. I also shared it on my Facebook because I really agree on this quote. 

There is someone that I used to like. Back then he didn't like me as much as I did. I didn't felt I was special or anything because he seems to be interested with other girls. When I told him my feelings I felt I was dumped. He said I don't deserve someone like him so we decided to remain as good friends. 

Last week I remember telling him I'm starting to like someone else. From then on, he started acting weird. He seems to be so attentive and sweet to me now compared to how he is before. He used to ignore and wait for my message before chatting with me. He always seems busy so we don't always talk to each other for almost a month... until now. He started sending messages and talking about things that confused me. He even wrote something I thought is a Love Letter but I later found out that it's the lyrics of a song. He said it's what he feels for me but I didn't appreciate it. He didn't directly told me he likes or loves me. He just wrote the lyrics and I have to find something that can translate it because he wrote it in Korean.

What confuse me is that, why is he acting like this when I'm starting to like someone else? Does it really take another man before he say those things to me? Does he really need to hurt me before telling how he really feel for me? I don't even know if he's serious because he's always telling me such things and saying he was just kidding.

I don't know if I should ignore him but I feel a bit confused on how he acts lately. He's really a very confusing person. I don't know what to believe anymore. If only he can tell me everything in a serious way.. not in a way that would make me feel I'm being teased whatsoever.

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