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The long wait is over! Hah!

In my blog entry posted last December 2010, I mentioned that I won a digital camera from a contest I joined online. It was a memorable experience because it was my first time to won a great prize. I felt lucky and blessed because I participated a day before the deadline of the event. I was chosen as one of the winners of Samsung PL 100 digital camera.

I waited for 6 months for the prize! Yesterday I asked my Papah to get it from the Post Office. A form was delivered to our house without the package. They want me to get it from the postal office with valid ID. Since I have to go to work, I asked my Dad to be my representative.

As I got home, I was so surprised that it was not Samsung PL 100! It's even better than the original prize that they promised to give us. It is a Samsung VLUU/ST100 digital camera. I'm so happy while checking and testing it. I think it's worth $200 dollars or more (P10,000.00 plus) but I got it for free. Sadly I wasn't able to use it last night because I don't have adaptor for its battery charger.

Here are the pictures of my prize that I waited for 6 months to come. It may not be as great as DSLR camera but I love it! It makes me happy! I'm so glad I have it! ^^v

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