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What Hallyu has done to me...

The Korean Wave, also known as the Hallyu, refers to spread of South Korean culture around the world.

Here are some of the obvious signs how we 'Filipinos' especially ME were affected in the Korean Wave aka Hallyu.

1. Korean Drama (TV Series/Movies)
A lot of us are hooked on watching different Korean TV series or even movies. Some even posts Kdrama quotes on thei social networking accounts. As for me, I have a collection of DVDs - KDrama and Kmovies I've watched.

2. Korean Music aka Kpop
I find myself downloading and listening to Korean music ALWAYS. Most of the songs I listen to are Korean songs. Sometimes I don't even know the lyrics but I just like it.

3. Korean Fashion
Korean Fashion is everywhere! The normal attire for Filipinos is T-Shirt/Blouse, and Jeans (Pants). After being affected by Hallyu I've seen a lot of improvement on how they style and accessorize. One example is the popular Korean Bun hairstyle. I used to see this one among elders (old women) but now I see it to everyone (women of all ages)! I find it cute so I also do this hairstyle sometimes. See how big is the impact of Hallyu in our everyday lives? Haha..

4. Korean Food
The Food! Everyone suddenly wants to have Kimchi every meal. Some are curious on how Soju tastes. I suddenly want to always eat in a Korean restaurant.

5. Korean Language
Because of the addiction to Korean culture, some even wants to be fluent in Korean Language (Hangul). I even wanted to enroll in a Korean Language Training School but since I have a quite busy schedule at work, I wasn't able to do it. What I did is to study online. Big thanks to Google!

6. Korean Friends
I have a lot of Korean friends. I met them online because they wanted to learn how to be good in English and I'm interested with Korean culture. They are all so nice and friendly. I hope someday I can meet them in person.

These are just some of the proofs how Hallyu affected my life. I may be a Filipino, but I think I'm also a Korean by heart. Yes I'm addicted to Korean stuffs because it makes me happy. It changes my simple lifestyle into an extraordinary one. ^^v

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