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A Taste of Korean Food

This is a late entry posted just today about my first time to eat in a Korean restaurant.

As you noticed, I'm into Korean stuffs such as Korean show/Kdrama, music, movies, fashion, and Koren food! I've always wanted to try to eat in a Korean restaurant but since I'm not good in directions (I easily get lost) I can't do it. 

Last July 29 I asked my colleagues if they want to have dinner in a restaurant near our workplace. At first they are not sure but in the end they agreed since it's our Pay day and it's Friday so we went out and dine in Hyun Jeong Korean Restaurant in Friendship Angeles Pampanga. We were so excited that we even brought digital cameras to take pictures. 

There are two women that welcome us as we arrived in the restaurant. The first one is a Filipino and the other one is a Korean. After choosing a table, they gave us the menu book where we can choose food to order. Good thing the menu have some pictures so we know what the food look like before ordering it. Since I made some research before going there, I already know what food I want to eat so I looked for them in the menu. Too bad the Tteokbeokki and Bulgogi are not included in their menu. After few minutes of looking at the food list, we ordered Samgyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly w/ Lettuce), Galbitang (Beef Soup), Bibimbap (Rice mixed with veggies), and Makkeoli (Rice Wine). There are also free side dishes that was served. 

I loved everything we ordered especially Bibimbap and Makkeoli. I drank a lot of Makkeoli because it really tastes good as you eat Bibimbap or Samgyeopsal. I really enjoyed our dinner! I would love to go back there and eat Koren food!

After dining in Hyun Jeong we bought some snacks in a Korean grocery store near the restaurant. I bought rice pops and noodles, some of my colleagues bought noodles and Ppeppero.

I really enjoyed that day! ^____________^

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