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Gyun-Wo Part 1: Meeting Him

Hello there! It's a good Thursday morning because I can now login to my Facebook account and my Wall posts are back! Yey! While I'm not so busy at work I decided to write today about my Gyun-Wo. Gyun-Wo is the male character in the well-known Korean movie 'My Sassy Girl'. The reason why I call him Gyun-Wo is because he sometimes tell me that I'm a sassy girl. When he said that I remember the movie and realized that some of the things I did and planning to do with him are similar to some of the scenes in the movie. So, I'll start writing about him now. ^^

Gyun-Wo Part 1 is more of introducing Gyun-Wo and how our story started.

He is my colleague, and a programmer. He is my long time crush (he just recently know about this but I told him I don't know if I still like him because I'm not sure if he's gay or not). He is a smart, nice, and funny man. I don't even know if I will use the word 'man' haha.. just kidding. Yes, he's my crush but I'm just a friend to him, well not until we started texting and we became close friends.

I don't know how to explain why I like him. My bestfriend who is also my colleague once asked me who is my crush among the male employees in our company. At first I said there was none because most of them are already in a relationship.Then she still asked what if the guy that used to like me (someone who is also working in the same company) doesn't have a GF, is there a possibility that I will like him? I answered 'No.' Then I said that if there is someone that I like and I can picture to be my BF that's 'Gyun-Wo'. I don't even know a lot of things about him but that time I was attracted to him. ^^

Last May there is a document that we're working on at the office but because of our Internet connection, I can't send it to our boss. He stayed with me when everyone else went home. He stayed so he can assist me in case I need his help. When we went out of the office and walked to the jeep terminal, I was waiting for him to ask my number but instead I got a 'I don't memorize my number.' I was like 'Maybe he's really not interested in me.' so I just said I will just ask our other colleagues for his phone number. Then I sent him a message and he replied..and the texting begin.

We don't really talk with each other in the office unless I need something for him which is work related, and vice versa. Then last June some of our colleagues planned an outing. Most of them are already in a relationship so they were with their GF/BF and we were asked to be partners since we are both Single. I guess, the rest is history. That's how we started being close friends.

BTW, I wasn't really comfortable with my shoes that time, I even thought of asking him if I can borrow his shoes and he will wear mine but we're not close friends that time so I didn't do that. I even wanted to walk barefoot because I hated my shoes, I don't know why I chose to wear those that day! Haha ^^

That's all I can share for now. This is the first part of my 'Gyun-Wo' blog posts. I will tell you more about him/us SOON. ^^

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