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Gyun-Wo Part 2: Dating Him

TGIF! My fave day of the week! Haha! Today I'm going to write about how I started dating 'Gyun-Wo'.

As I've mentioned a lot of times in this blog, I've been living alone (meaning without a boyfriend or special someone) for almost 4 years now. I never dated anyone except when I met my childhood sweetheart last January of this year. Aside from that, I never really dated anyone...until Gyun-Wo came into the picture. He's been my 'Crush' since August 2010 but it wasn't really that serious because I know that he's in a relationship that time, and I heard that they just broke up December of last year (2010).

We've been close friends thru texting and there are times when I felt that he's starting to like me. Until the time came when he asked me out on a date.

1st Date
He helped me pay the deposit fee for the Room that we (together with our colleagues) reserved online. It was for our beach outing last July. At first I told him to reserve a spot for me in the line of people at the bank while I'm filling up the deposit form. Then I gave him the form with the money and asked if he can just pay instead of me. I will just sit and wait for him. He was surprised because he didn't know I will do that. It's not a big deal but I find it funny. Knowing how he can be so shy at times, I laughed as I watched him pay for the deposit fee. When we got out of the bank, he said he thought that he will just help me. Haha! He bought me 'Taho' since we both like it and went home. He didn't noticed but I was so happy to be with him that time.

2nd Date
I was chatting with him when I told that I was asked by Mom to widthraw money that will be used in buying an owner type of jeep/vehicle and I might watch a movie with my sister after. Then he just suddenly said he wants to come and help me. At first I thought he's just kidding but he's not haha. So I let him help me widthraw the money and we met my sister. After meeting with Ann (my sister) she said that she just want to go home so we (me and Gyun-Wo) were left at the mall. Then we decided to watch the movie 'Rise of the Planets of the Apes'. While in the theater I forgot that the ketchup is placed on the right arm chair and because of my clumsiness and being forgetful I accidentally put my hand there so it was filled by ketchup. I asked him to give me tissue I can use to wipe the ketchup and since then he started calling me 'ketchup'.

3rd Date
We planned on watching the 5th series of the popular movie 'The Final Destination' so last August 28, Sunday we went out and watched it. It was a rainy Sunday, he waited for me in the gasoline station near our place and went to the mall. After watching the movie, I want to have dinner in KFC but there are a lot of people, it was so crowded and there is no available table so I just asked him if it's okay to have dinner in a Korean restaurant we once visited before with our friends. We had dinner together and went home. That's it.

We haven't dated again yet after the 3rd date. The reasons are the following:
There is no interesting movie that I want to watch.
I always have something to do every weekend especially every Saturday.
I don't like going out every Sunday.
I don't like going out on the same day he asked me to go out. 

In summary, we dated 3 times. I'm sure there will be more to come haha! I like being with him. I don't know what else to write to end this blog post, haha! It's been almost 4 years and I'm glad that there is someone like Gyun-Wo whom I can date. Before when I reject date invites it wasn't really because I'm not interested in the person (though its part of my reasons haha), but it's more of being afraid that one date could lead to something else. This time, I'm not afraid anymore. I like being with him. I like knowing more about him. He may not notice but I really do like him. ^^

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