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Green Mangoes and Bagoong!

Yesterday my best friend (Jehn) and I saw a street vendor of green mangoes in the Dau jeep terminal. We (Jehn and I) talked about our memories way back to College when our girlfriend (Net) will buy a lot of mangoes once she saw someone selling near our school. We thought that she just loves them but later on we realized it's because she's pregnant that time! Haha! Then that night my Mom told me that she bought 2 bottles of shrimp paste (Nayels brand - my favorite) and it costs her P150.00. As I went to bed, I had a dream of me buying green Indian mangoes! Hahaha! Now I'm craving! :p

I like the Indian and Apple mangoes. I don't like the big ones that are sooooo sour!!!

Here are the images I found on Google! ^^

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