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Gyun-Wo Part 3: Crazy Ideas!

In this part of Gyun-Wo series, I will share about the crazy things that we usually talk about and those that he doesn't know as well. To know more about these 'Crazy Ideas' continue reading this blog post. ^^

I'm someone who likes asking for signs that will help me decide if I will continue doing some things. Then one day I suddenly got scared if I'm doing the right I asked God to send me signs to help me think about it. First sign I asked is if in a week the stoplight turns green which means 'Go' that means I should not worry and just do whatever I'm doing with my love life, else I should stop. I got 2 Green/Go and 3 Red/Stop. But I wasn't convinced with the results so I asked for another sign. The last one is if it will rain in a very sunny day...and it did rained that day. There's no typhoons whatsoever. It's a very sunny day that afternoon and I was busy doing my job when my coworker suddenly said that it's raining. After a while, it stopped. 

I know that I can't just rely on those 'Signs' but maybe I just really want to try it again, have fun, and see what will be the result. If the signs will tell me to continue texting and knowing him, or if I should stop. Traffic Lights said STOP. Rain said YES.

I decided to continue not because of the signs, I did because that's what I wanted to do. ^^

Being a Software Test Engineer I learned how to check things very well before buying them. Well I also do this to people, so I did test him and I'm still thinking of how can I test him well. haha!

I'm scared of how we got closer to each other and I don't know if it's ok to continue texting and talking to him because it might lead to something else like one or both of us might fall for each other. I wasn't sure if I'm ready for that so I asked him if he can stop texting me and just treat me as a normal friend (because I'm starting to feel that I'm special for him but he's not saying anything nor courting). He was surprised when I said that but he agreed. In that case, he failed in my test! I'm serious when I asked him that question, I want to distance myself from him, but deep inside I was hoping that he will not agree to do it. 

That night I dreamed of him giving me a letter that explains why he agreed, and to my surprise, the next day he's in a sick leave and as I checked on my Yahoo Mail there's an email from him entitled 'Nobela' (Novel). I read and we started talking about it via Email. To make the story short, I gave him another chance and that's when he started courting...I guess. :p

I still have a lot of plans in mind to test him or just to have fun. I will share them on my next post because this one is getting longer and I'm not yet done with the Nicknames! Haha! Anyway I will just continue telling about Nicknames and other Tests/Challenges I want him to do on my next blog post. I will stop writing for now because I'm starving and I still have work to do. ^^

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