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Gyun-Wo Part 4: Nicknames!

We have this crazy and sometimes childish habit of thinking nicknames that we can use when teasing each other. Here are some of the nicknames I gave him.

1. Haraboji
-This is a Korean word for 'Grandfather'. I find it cute so I sometimes call him 'haraboji'.

2. Hee Chul
-A name of the male character in the Korean movie 'Too Beautiful To Lie'. I called him Hee Chul because he looks like the Korean actor. I like watching the film because it reminds me of him. ^^

3. Min Woo
-A name of a male character in the Korean movie 'Lost and Found' aka 'Sweet Lie'. He said that Min Woo is good looking than Dong Shik (main male character). I teased him telling he might like Min Woo because Gyun-Wo is gay. Haha!

4. Matwa
-Matwa is a Kapampangan word for 'Old'. He's older than me so I always call him 'matwa'.

5. Macho
-I've been teasing him gay for quite some time (until now) and when he's acting that he doesn't like it, I call him Macho just for fun. ^^

6. Juding
-Juding is a word for Gay. I always tease him about his gender. I like how reacts when I tease him that's why until now I'm still using this nickname for him. ^^

7. MJ (Machong Juding)
-MJ is his initials for first name but I suddenly decided to give it another meaning (again just for fun ^^) Machong Juding is what I mean when I call him MJ. ^^

8. PB (Pole Boy)
-I remember him telling me how sleepy he is while working so I suggested for him to dance. Then the idea of pole dancing pops into my mind and I told him to call our colleague who is so tall to act as his pole. I'll play a song and he'll dance. Then I started teasing him as Pole Boy (Pole Dancer).

9. Gurl
-Because I tease him being Gay so I call him Gurl (Girl).

10. Mr. Chemp
-He always use the word 'Che' and 'Hmp', so I came up with this nickname ^^

11. BDA (Best Drama Actor)
-He always include a sad smiley or a text 'huhuhu' or assume something that is not true when we're talking about certain topics. Haha! He's not serious though. I call him BDA because he's like a drama actor for me when he does that. :P

I don't know if I was able to explain well the reasons why I use a lot of nicknames for him. I know there are still some that I did not share in this post because of my poor memory that can't remember them all. Maybe that's why I blog about things like these, in case I forgot, I still have my blog to help me remember. Anyway I will just continue sharing my stories about Gyun-Wo on my next blog posts. The part 5 will be about 'Testing Him'. ^^

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