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Gyun-Wo Part 5: Testing Him

I've always wanted to meet a guy and do silly, childish, and fun things to/with him...until I met him. Here are some of the crazy ideas I did and still planning to do with Gyun-Wo.

Test #1: Distancing 
I've always wanted to avoid him to know if I will miss him or if I will still feel the same after a month of not texting or dating each other. Though I'm serious with this test, I still want him to tell me that he won't allow me to do that 'distancing' thing. But most of the times he will agree whenever I ask him 'What if I ask you not to communicate or date with me for a month?'. He will said that it's not what he want but if that's what I want to do, he respects and agree to do it. Very Wrong! Haha! I'm expecting him not to agree or say what he really think about it. I tried it twice to check how he will react and I always get the same result! Failed! Haha! 

Test #2: Coffee Jelly
I remember making a promise that I will make my own recipe of Coffee Jelly (coffee with a lot of jelly ace) for him. I bought a lot of jelly ace last Monday (Oct. 3) and since I arrived early in the office, I started preparing the coffee jelly. When he arrived I told him I'm doing what I promised and I asked him to make coffee while I'm busy with the jellyace! I think he liked what I did, haha! In this test, he passed! Haha!

Test #3: Find me
On our next date, we had a deal that he will find our house using the directions I will send via SMS. I think it's an easy one and I'm sure he will pass. I hope he won't get lost or else...!!! I'm planning to introduce him to my parents since they heard a lot of things about him (I sometimes tell things about Gyun-Wo to my family). They know he's been my crush since last year! Haha! ^^

Test #4: Red Lips
A test if he can wear a RED lipstick while we're at the mall. ^^

Test #5: Movie Marathon
I told him that one of these days we can watch 3 movies in movie theater in one day! He liked the idea so I guess it will be another easy test. ^^

I want to think a lot of crazy plans that I want to do 'to him' or 'with him'! I don't know how he feels whenever I tell him these stuffs. Well I'm sure he's 'napipilitan' but 'nag-eenjoy' in a way. Maybe one of the reasons why I like him is because I can be a mature woman and a childish little girl when I'm with him. I don't know if one should have a lot of reasons to like or love someone, but in my case, I just like being with Gyun-Wo. Ah, btw, whenever we talk about these test plans, he sometimes calls me 'Sassy Halmoni'. He sometimes calls me 'Halmoni' which I really really like (Halmoni - Korean word for Grandmother) ^^

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