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I'm officially yours...

Good Morning, Dear Diary, haha! It's Monday once again and since it's still early and I'm in a lazy mood right now, I decided to write something about my story with Gyun-Wo. Here it is!

The Day! October 8 is our 3rd movie date. I asked him to do the test of finding our house based on the directions I will give him via SMS. Luckily, he passed! I know he will, it's a very easy one! Haha! He met my Lolo (grandfather), Lola (grandmother), Aunt, Mom, and my siblings. Papa is sleeping so they weren't able to meet. After the meeting and 'pagmamano' part, we went to the mall to watch a movie. He wanted to watch 'Dolphin Tale' but it's 3D and he knows I won't enjoy watching it because of my poor eyesight, so I suggested to watch 'What's Your Number' instead. The movie is a chick flick so I was suprised when I heard him laughing while watching it. He's always laughing even if the scene is not so funny at all. :p

Ah, I forgot to mention that prior to watching the film we spent some time playing in the Mall's arcade (Quantum). We played in the Dragon Palace, the game where you have to drop coins so other will fall and in return you'll get tickets that you can use to redeem items as long as the price is equivalent to the num of tickets you have.I can't properly explain it, but I had fun! I forgot how many tickets we had but we decided to keep them. 

I also asked Gyun-Wo to try the 'Stuffed Toy Picker game', again I'm not really good in explaining these arcade games so I'll just provide images that I found on Google, haha. I want to have the cute radish-like stuffed toy but it was not easy to get it! It's the cutest stuffed toy in the box, I really like it but it's okay even if we did not get it! Haha! 

Here is the stuffed toy I want to have that time! It's soooooo cute!

We kept the last 4 tokens for remembrance. After staying in Quantum arcade we bought some food and went inside the movie theater. ^^

Oooookay, I think this post is a bit messy in a way that I forgot to properly write what happened that day in the correct order when they happened! 

1. Find Me test - passed
2. Love Letter - passed
3. Arcade
4. Movie
5. Dinner

What about the Love Letter? It's a test that I requested him to do last October 7. I don't know. I just wanted to know the things he's not telling me because of 'Shyness' maybe...and to know what really feels for me. I asked him to write a 2-page love letter. The next day, he gave me 6 pages love letterssssss! He's complaining when I said I want him to write 2 pages but he gave me more than that so I think that's so sweet! He even told me he was teased by his sister because she saw the stationary paper he bought and he was looking for a ballpen. Im not surprised that his sister found out he's going to write a love letter, he's so obvious! Haha!

What was written on the love letters? Things that I wanted to know and I'm happy to know. At the last page, I thought I won't be able to see what I want to see but I was wrong. He wrote 'I Love You' at the end of the letter. That's all that I need to know. I can feel the love but I also want him to tell me that he loves me. I'm happy he wrote it! :p

After reading the love letter, playing at the Mall's arcade, watching a chick flick, we went to Marquee Mall and had a great dinner together. 

On our way to the parking lot, I cling to his left arm and said that I love him. I think he was surprised and he asked if I'm his girlfriend now, I nodded and said Yes. He doesn't want to go home that time, I guess he wants to spend more time with his GF, haha! Well, I do too, but we have to go back home since it's getting late. ^^

I have a different plan for that day but I wasn't able to do it because we did not do the 'Lipstick' test. As what others said 'Life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan.' I didn't plan to fall in love with Gyun-Wo, I even tried to stop it when I'm starting to feel more than 'LIKING' him but I can't. I didn't plan to confess my feelings for him the way I did...but I like how it happened. I can't let that day end without telling him how I feel. I love Gyun-Wo, I really do. I'm so happy that I was able to tell him that. 

That day is when I can tell him that 'I'm officially yours.' ^^

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