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Letters for Ghee...

When I was a kid I used to check my Mom's collection of letters from her friends, relatives, and admirers. I remember reading them and asking a lot of questions about the person who wrote the letter. As I grow old, I found myself keeping the letters of gifts that were given to me by the people who loves me. I guess I got this habit from my Mom. Just like her, I like collecting and keeping them. 

People who gave me the letters:
-Friends/BFFs (Elementary and High School classmates)
-Admirers (including my first BF/ex-BF)
-Cousin Marissa
-Gyun-Wo (my boyfriend ^^)

Here are the pictures of my collection.

Letters Galore 1

Letters Galore 2

Letters Galore 3

Letters Galore 4

Letters Galore 5

From Gyun-Wo

ILY note from Gyun-Wo

Love Letters, Quantum tickets, & Note

Love Letters and Quantum tickets

Love Letters (6 pages) from Gyun-Wo
Box where I keep my collection

Dirty Box! :p

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