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My Fashion Style

I like browsing at different fashion clothing online. Sometimes I want to buy all of those that I really like, but it's frustrating because it's just a dream haha! I'm not a richy girl who can afford everything that she wants to have. So, I just decided to blog about my fashion style. Mine is more of a smart casual, girly, and simple style. I don't pay much attention about the brand as long as the quality is great. ^^

Let's start with my style of wearing Blouses/T-Shirts/Knits/Dresses...I don't like wearing tops with a lot of prints or logo or images on it. Stripes, puffed sleeves, long shirts, dressy blouses, these are just some of my favorites ^^

now that we're done with the TOPS, let's see what kind of style do I have when wearing Pants/Shorts/ long as it looks pretty decent..not too revealing (shorts/skirts). 

Bags? As long as its cute! Haha! Hmm.. Bags with a lot of compartments or pockets is what I prefer if I'll use it in the office..but if it's just for malling a cute shoulder bag is fine. Purse is something I can't use because I have a lot of things to put in a bag! :P

What about Shoes? Sandals (with or without heels) are my favorite. As long as they're comfortable and fits my small feet, then it's fine. Shoes, hmm if I'd wear shoes, they should have  strap like the images below. Why? It's complicated to explain. -_-

What accessories do I wear? Earrings and my eyeglass are the accessories that I ALWAYS wear. Sometimes I also wear necklaces, bracelets, and belts. I guess it depends on my mood. ^^

Hairstyle? Curly! Haha! Sometimes I miss my long straight hair, but I still love my curly hair. If its Summer, I sometimes have a 'Korean hair bun' hairstyle or a simple ponytail is enough to make me feel comfortable. ^^

Swimwear....? Hmmm... If it doesn't require to wear sexy swimsuits, I prefer wearing a shirt/blouse and shorts for swimming. Same thing if I'm on the beach...but someday I would like to try to wear a 2 piece bathing suit, but I'd probably still wear a mini-shorts! Conservative? Yes I am.. :p

My style when I'm about to sleep at night? If it's Summer I usually wear sleeveless top and mini-shorts. If it's Rainy season, I love wearing my jogging pants and T-Shirt or Pajama! Aside from those, I should have an extra pillow that I can hug and a blanket that I can use so I can have a good night's sleep!

I still browse some fashion websites online because I want to learn more on how to mix and match when it comes to my 'clothing style'. Some of my favorite sites are,, and Sometimes I admire those girls who are really good at dressing up that they look like a model/barbie, but I don't want to be like them. I just want to be seen as a woman with simple, casual, comfortable and girly fashion style. ^^

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