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Congratulating Ghee

Here is a continuation of my last blog post. I will share how the people around me reacts when they found out I said goodbye to my SINGLE life. :p

At first I wanted to hide my relationship with Gyun-Wo. I want to enjoy it with only the two of us knowing what's really going on in our relationship. He agreed to keep it as a secret. The next day, I changed my mind. I told him it's better if we will share the good news with the people around us. We both changed our Facebook Relationship Status from SINGLE to IN A RELATIONSHIP. :P

Last October 9, I spent the Sunday with my family and relatives (Licup clan) to celebrate my Lolo's 84th Birthday! As some of them arrived, when they saw me, they said they saw something on Facebook and congratulates me for having a BF! My friends, relatives, and family congratulates me and said that they were happy for me. They asked about Gyun-Wo, our story, etc. 

I don't know what else to say in this post, haha. I'm just so happy to know that the people around me are HAPPY because finally after years of not having a special someone in my life, I found Gyun-Wo. I'm so thankful that finally he noticed me! Haha! Everyone's congratulating's like I'm a newly married woman! Haha! 

Ah, I forgot to mention that I sent my blog url to Gyun-Wo because I want him to read the love letter posted last October 8. ^^

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