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Childish Dreams

When I'm still a kid I was inspired to be a WITCH because of the TV Show entitled ' The Worst Witch! I remember searching about witchcraft and looking for a Book of Spells in Book Stores! Haha! I was really serious that time. I want to learn different spells and to fly with a broom! Whenever I think about it now that I've matured, I can't help but laugh. The TV Show really influenced me to have a dream of becoming a WITCH! ^^

Aside from the witchy stuffs I want to learn, I also wonder how is it like to be a VAMPIRE. Haha.. Oh well, this curiousity is the result of watching my favorite TV series 'The Vampire Diaries'. I want to look YOUNG forever. I like watching the scenes when a human that was bitten by a vamp is transitioning into a vampire. It's cool. Haha.. :P

See how TV can really affect someone like me? Funny isn't it? Haha!

That's it. I just want to share my childish dreams in this post. Time to work. Hehe. I wish it's already Friday! :P

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