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Gift Ideas for Ghee

What I like to receive:
1. Clothes (Tops, Shorts): Tops - anything that's not too revealing/sexy is fine. I don't like bright colors like apple green, hot pink, bright yellow, etc. I like cardigans/bolero or whatever you call it, puffed sleeve blouse, simple sleeveless top that can be matched with a bolero/cardigan, simple top.. Shorts: Waist - 26 ^^

2. Pillows: I love soft and big pillows! Stuffed toys are fine but I can't always hug them because they're so fluffy!

3. Bags: I love Secosana bags. :)

4. Accessories (Earrings): Simple earrings will do. ^^

5. Flowers: Roses! Any color is fine...but Pink and Yellow roses are cute :))

6. Greeting Cards/Letters: As long as there is a message that is personally written by the sender. :)
What I don't like to receive:
1. Sandals/Shoes: I'm afraid it won't fit my little feet and it's really difficult finding one that will really match my size. I like simple and comfortable sandals/shoes, but trust me when I say 'It will take HOURS before I find something that I will like'. Plus there's a superstitious belief that if you give these to someone, some says that person will walk away from you, or your relationship will be affected in a bad way. IDK if it's true, but I don't like giving or receiving sandals/shoes as gifts.

2. Food: As much as possible I want to have something that I can use or keep, that way, whenever I look at that thing, it will remind me of the person who gave it to me. 

3. Pants: Same reason with no. 1, it might not good look on me unless I tried it before buying it.

Hmm, I guess that's all. I could not think of other things that I don't like receiving as gifts. Do I look like a choosy girl who demands of what she wants to get? Haha.. :p

I'm not really used in receiving gifts especially when it's my birthday. I wrote this entry because Gyun-Wo asked me what I want to receive for my birthday on Dec. 31. Well, to give you an idea on what I like and what I don't, here it is. Hehe.. I don't want to require anyone to give me gifts when it's my birthday. I don't also demand of what they should give me. It's up to them, as long as they have a great explanation on why they are giving me that gift (if there is any) hehe.. I'll appreciate whatever it is. 

His birthday is on December 12 and I'm planning in giving him something as a gift. Whether he likes it or not, he said he will use it. Haha! :p

BTW, we also talked about having a simple bday party with our colleagues next month! Haha! It's better if we'll have it a day before our Christmas vacation. :)

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