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Saying 'I Love You'...

My bad mood was triggered by something today so I decided to search for something that will explain how I feel. I found a great poem and it's perfect! Here it is...

When I Tell You That I Love You...

When I tell you that I love you...
I'm telling that I care..
in you I've found a best friend
that is wonderful and rare

When I tell you that I love you...
that meaning is so profound
for,in you my faith has been uncovered
and my soul finally found

When I tell you that I love you...
what I'm trying to express
is that you can always count on me,
I'll give you nothing but the best

When i tell you that i love you..
I'm trying to convey
how much i admire you
in thousand different ways

When i tell you that I love you...
I'm saying thank you for being who you are
for being a part of my life 
and touching my heart

When I tell you that I love you...
It's not exactly what i mean
to explain what i feel for you
would take a zillion words
not three......

When I tell you I love you...
I dont say it out of habit or to make conversation 
i say it to remind you 
that you're the best thing that ever happened to me...

[This part is my personal composition haha.. This part is mine.. I wrote it for you..]
When I tell you I Love You
that doesn't mean I need a reply to tell me that you love me too
I just want you to always remember that I Love You
and I'll always will.
I don't like it when ''I love you'' is said in a way that requires a reply. I also don't like asking if I love you, it's like you're questioning my love for you. Am I being so negative here? I guess I'm just being Moody.. I LOVE YOU :)

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