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Christmas in 3 Days!

Today is December 21, 2011, after 3 days everyone will all be busy and happy celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! Lately the malls are getting too crowded.. everyone's busy doing their Christmas shopping! Mine's done already.

I've already gave my Christmas gift to my family members. I gave Mom my share for the Christmas food expenses. What else? Hmm.. I guess that's it. I saved some of my money on my bank account. It's hard to save a lot especially when it's December! Haha! I love giving gifts to people that are important to me. But this year, I only gave my family members and I'm planning to give 'aginaldos' to my inaanaks. :)

The happiest celebration of Christmas is in our country, the Philippines. If you're going to search on how we celebrate it and when do we start celebrating it, I guess you'll be surprised! Some were even curious that they travel here just to experience how is it like to spend Christmas in a Pinoy way.

As for now, that's all I can write about this year's greatest event! I'm quite busy doing my job as of this moment but I got bored waiting for a video to play so while it's bufferring, I'm writing on my blog. Hahaha!

I will soon share here the things that happened in my life that I haven't shared. I can't wait to stay at home with my family and relatives, and spend some time with my haraboji on my Christmas vacation. Unfortunately, Dec. 24-25 are not weekdays, but luckily my vacation leave request was approved by our Russian boss so I have 2 days of vacation!

Anyway, that's all for now. I will try to update this blog later or this weekend. Good thing I have Reene with me.

I wanna say ''Hi'' to my no. 1 reader, my Haraboji, I know you'll read this, hehehe.. I love you! Thank you for reading my blog everyday. :)

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