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December Baby Traits

Are you a December baby?

For those all born in the wonderful month of December. We are the forgtten bunch as the Christmas period looms. Your birthday was shunted in favour of Christmas. Your birthday was always superseded by Christmas. Your birthday gift was also your Christmas gift plus an extra few words. 

Nobody has time in December, Your birthdays were held way before or way after December so that people would actually come. People were either too busy:
a) working
b) shopping
c) working on their shopping

You're either a late Sagittarius or early Capricorn

December Baby Traits:
* Loyal and generous.
* Patriotic.
* Competitive in everything.
* Active in games and interactions.
* Impatient and hasty.
* Ambitious.
* Influential in organizations.
* Fun to be with.
* Easy to talk to, though hard to understand.
* Thinks far with vision, yet complicated to know.
* Easily influenced by kindness.
* Polite and soft-spoken.
* Having lots of ideas.
* Sensitive.
* Active mind.
* Hesitating tends to delay.
* Choosy and always wants the best.
* Temperamental.
* Funny and humorous.
* Loves to joke.
* Good debating skills.
* Has that someone always on his/her mind.
* Talkative.
* Daydreamer.
* Friendly.
* Knows how to make friends.
* Abiding.
* Able to show character.
* One guy/girl kind of person.
* Loveable.
* Easily hurt.
* Prone to getting colds.
* Loves music.
* Pretty/handsome.
* Loves to dress up.
* Easily bored.
* Fussy.
* Seldom shows emotions.
* Takes time to recover when hurt.
* Sensitive.


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