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Gifts and Stuffs

I have the sweetest boyfriend on Earth! Haha! Here are the images of the gifts and stuffs he gave me and those that I made for him. For others, they might say these are just simple things, but they are SPECIAL for me. I love it when he gives me simple and sweet surprises! He doesn't know but he's the best surprise that God gave me this year! Haha! I'm glad he realized that I exist in his world last May 2011. :))

Coffee w/ Jelly ace prepared by Ghee for her Haraboji! :))

Love Letters and Quantum Tickets :)

A surprise note from him <3

Yeah he said he bought pizza for me.. he bought this! :))

Fifi! A cute gift for me! ^^

Surprise drawing? haha.. sweet matwa :P

Picture Collage from him :p

I did this for my haraboji! (Proud! Haha)

Marshmallows from Matwa! ^^

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