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My 24th Birthday!

It's December 31, 2011, the last day of the year, and yes, it is my birthday! Here's what happened today and what will happen later after blogging about this very special day.

I woke up early because my sister turned on the light in our room as she prepares for work. Gyun-Wo is the first one to greet me today because of an SMS that was scheduled to be sent at exactly 12midnight! Haha! Then he called few minutes after I read his messages. 

I think it was past 9am when he arrived in our house. He checked our desktop PC and installed the necessary drivers/apps, then we started watching movies. I let him watch one of my fave Thai movies 'Alone', then we watched a pinoy horror film 'White House', the last movie we watched is 'Cowboys and Aliens'. I bought junk foods that we can eat while watching movies, Mom prepared ham and cheese lumpia, fried chicken, and fetuccini pasta. He also bought a yummy Mocha cake for me and I love his birthday gift! A cute bag! I love it! I will definitely use it. ^^

We just stayed at home, watched movies, and ate a lot, but I had so much fun! I love being with him. 

He does not only make me happy, he makes my family happy in some ways, and my family is grateful for that!

Gyun-Wo and his family and relatives will have a great party later while waiting for Jan. 1, 2012. I wanted to come but I'm shy and I can't. I have to sleep early because there will be a New Year party tomorrow with our relatives in Manibaug. I want to have fun, and watch fireworks with him, but I can't. Haha! I hope on December 2012 I can attend his family's Christmas or New Year's Eve party, and I hope he can attend to ours too.

Anyway, I had a great day! I was able to celebrate my birthday with my family and with Gyun-Wo. I had a great year! I feel soooo blessed! I'm so thankful for the 24 years of life here on Earth! I love everything about my life. I hope I can have more years that I can spend with my family, and loved ones.

I hope I can stay awake later to wait for the new year and to watch fireworks! Aja! Happy New Year!!! ^^

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