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My December 2011

My favorite month! The happiest month of the year! My birth month! It's a happy month for me! I started listing down the stuffs I need to buy for Christmas season as early as December 1! Haha! Then as I receive my 13th month pay at work I started buying gifts, giving some to my Mom, and saving some for myself! Here are some of the events this month:

December 9-10: I.T.bots get together/Christmas Party
Since Cesang had a 17-day vacation in the Philippines she organized a party for us (I.T.bots is our batch/class name) I attended the party with Gyun-Wo and we all had fun. I knew he's gonna be fine because my classmates are so nice and some are shy so even if they want to talk to him, they just smiled when I introduced him. I was expecting a lot of pictures from Cesang but she uploaded SOME of those MANY pictures! Haha! If not for her, that party won't happen. Jentot and I missed her so much! She's one of my BFF! She's back in Abu Dhabi now, I hope she's happy even if she's not here with her family to celebrate Christmas.

December 11-12: Ate Zhay's Arrival from South Korea and Gyun-Wo's birthday
My cousin who is married to a Korean came back here to spend 3 months of vacation without her hubby. Last Dec. 10 I went to their house so I can help my Aunt (her Mom) in welcoming her back from Korea. We waited for her in NAIA Terminal 3 for 2 hours. She arrived at 1:30 AM of Dec.12.

December 12 is Gyun-Wo's 24th birthday! While waiting for ate zhay's arrival, I asked Gyun-Wo if he can wait until 12midnight so I will be the first one to greet him on his birthday! We were both so sweet even if we're just communicating thru text hehe. Then at 8AM of Dec. 12 I packed my things and went home because I will meet him so we can celebrate his 
special day. We spent half of the day malling. I gave him my birthday gifts for him and though I got the wrong size, he still wears them at work. I'm happy he appreciates my gift. It's my first time to buy Shirt for a man so I didn't expect that the size I chose is a bit small for him. :))

December 20: FilAm's Christmas Party
We had our party in the office. The first part is the gift giving. Our Russian boss gave our gifts! iPod Touch for employees whose been working in FilAm for 3 years, and iPod nano for those that are newbies. I got an iPod nano 16GB and it's Pink! Haha! I also had a surprise gift from one of my colleagues, Ayana. She's so sweet she gave me a VS perfume (Love Spell). Gyun-Wo and I also participated in one of the games they prepared, the Newspaper dance, we didn't win, but it's okay, haha! We had fun and we are so thankful to our bosses for being so generous! ^^

December 24: Noche Buena
I woke up at 8:30 in the morning, had breakfast, and started chopping ham, cheese, green bell pepper and prepared ham and cheese lumpia. I also helped Mom cook them while she is preparing Shanghai Lumpia. I finished my part of being her assistant at 2PM. Then I went to our room to use Reene. I also won Ever Bilena products because I was one of the new 100 Twitter followers of @KhristineG! I might get the prize next month! Yey! ^^

December 25: Christmas Day
I'll spend it with my family and relatives!

December 26-27: Vacation Leave
Dec. 26 Date with Gyun-Wo
Dec. 27 I'll just stay at home to rest and I'll try to write for my blog updates.. :P

December 31: Last Day of the year! Haha! My Birthday!!!
I'll probably stay at home and help Mama prepare for Medya Noche! I might also watch fireworks display outside our house. I loooooooove watching Fireworks display! ^^

On my next entries I'll write about my life from January - November 2011. :)

Merry Christmas to everyone! Happy Birthday Jesus Christ! :)

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