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My Life in Year 2011

Here's a recap of what happened in my life this year 2011. :)

If I remember it right, this is when I met my childhood sweetheart Mr. V after almost a decade of not seeing and communicating with each other. He found me thru Facebook and we agreed in meeting once he came here in the Philippines for a vacation from his work in Japan. He said his feelings for me 10 years ago did not changed at all. I was touched and surprised because I didn't expected that it will be like that. I don't feel anything for him anymore. I guess what I felt before is just infatuation. We're still good friends now. We don't communicate with each other a lot, but I'm thankful that we were given a chance to meet again. He's a good memory that I'll always remember. 

In my career life, it was a great month because I was offerred to be the lead of QA team. Love life = Zero. Emotional Status? EMO.. Sad.. Waiting.. Lonely..Ah! This is also the month when I had skin problems! I had skin allergies all over my body! I thought it will take a long time before I can get rid off them, I'm so glad it only took 1-2 months?! Not so sure but I spent money on buying stuffs like soap, ointment, and vitamins for those allergies! What caused them? S-T-R-E-S-S! :)) It's the Love month and for me it's just an ordinary day at work with my colleagues and at home with my family. Nothing special. :)

A month of loneliness? This is when I'm still trying to forget someone that I like that I should not like. Haha! In short, it's complicated. I have someone that I like who is living in a different country and I have someone who I see everyday but doesn't notice that I exist. Haha! Oh well, that's my life. Weird. I can't remember anything else. I think I'm just so Emo during this month. 

The month when I started watching Thai movies. I also wrote about a crazy idea of having a beach pictorial wearing a two-piece swimsuit with my twin sis Jen! Hahaha! I planned to buy Ab Rocket machine that can help me work out but I wasn't able to do so because I realized that I had more stuffs to buy that are more important than the machine. Besides, I'm not that fat, I'm just chubby! Haha! I also did a lot of preparation for my cousin's debut on August. :))

Mother's Day month! Spent time with my sister and Mom malling and eating in Mom's fave fastfood chain Chowking. Together with my sister, we went to Angeles City Susies Cuisine to buy food for our simple celebration of Mother's Day at home. 

May 23 is also memorable because it's when I'm so pissed because of our slow and crazy internet connection at work, my Russian boss insists of sending an important document to our clients, which I can't do in the office because of our Internet Connection! My colleagues went home and I was left in the office...with him (Gyun-Wo) :) We weren't able to send the file so I just sent it using our PC at home. He didn't even asked for my number that time! Haha! Torpe! :))

I can't remember things that happened in this month. By checking my blog posts I can say that it's about my closeness with Gyun-Wo. I tried to avoid texting him because I'm afraid of where it might lead us. I remember asking God to give me signs if I should stop or go with what's going on between the two of us (with Gyun Wo). I got 2 different answers from the signs that I asked. Did I follow them? No! Haha! I took a chance. I continued being one of his close friends...and the rest is history. Haha! It's also the month of Father's Day celebration, forgot the exact date, but I remember buying food for my family! I'm so blessed to have the coolest Papah on Earth! :)

It's the month when my Samsung VLUU/ST100 digital camera was delivered! Last December 2010 I won an online contest and the prize is a digital camera from Korea. I'm so happy that after months of waiting and worrying if it will be delivered, it finally arrived! I also went to Bolinao Pangasinan with my friends last July 1 and 2 and I had soooo much fun! :)

Busy month at work! I wasn't able to blog about my personal life because of the tasks that needs to be done while I'm in the office. I don't know why but I like blogging when I'm at work. Hahaha! This is also the month when I started dating Gyun-Wo.

Ah, I almost forgot to share that this is also the month when my sister and I prepared a lot for our cousin's 18th birthday. Bought shoes, bags, and accessories, had a customized red cocktail dress, and went to our fave make-up artist Sha for our hair and make-up. We're so lovely, we had so much fun, until my clumsiness was witnessed by SOME of my cousin's visitors! I don't want to elaborate on what happened but it's soooooo embarrassing! I'm thankful that most of the people who attended the party are busy getting their food, if not, I don't know if I can still explain my gift for Sam since I'm one of the 18 treaasures. Soooo clumsy! :))

This is the month when I'm always 'confused' and I always find myself thinking too much about my love life. Haha! I remember asking Google on how to know if what I feel is more than infatuation. How will I know if I really love a person? How will I know if I'm ready to be in a commitment again? There's so many questions that I asked myself and even Google! Haha! So many questions that were answered in a very simple way. Without him, my life will never be the same again. He changed my life in some ways he didn't even know. I'll soon blog about it later when I'm not so busy or lazy haha!

For me, this is the most memorable month of the year! Haha! Why? Hmm.. well it's because this is the month when I decided to tell Gyun-Wo how I feel for him. After few months of being in Dating stage, we changed our status into 'In a Relationship'. It's a happy month! I feel so loved and I'm just soooo happy! 

It's the Halloween month! This is a very busy month at work! I always go home late because of the work that needs to be done asap! It's a very tiring month because of the overtime at work but a happy one because Gyun-Wo and I celebrated our first month of being a couple. :))

Happy Month! My fave month of the year! I was able to spend time with my loved ones during the holiday season. I love the vacation from work. I love the fact that everyone around me especially the people that I love are doing fine, healthy, and blessed. I just looooooooooooooove December! I feel so blessed and I'm so thankful for that. ^^

It's been a great year for me. A lot of challenges, and surprises! I'm soooo thankful for everything that were given to me, and to my loved ones! I hope it will be always like this every year! Thank you so much Jesus Christ! I love you! Thank You! I feel so blessed! :)

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