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Tired but happy...

Good evening! I don't know what else to do with Reene so I checked my blog to write something. Haha! 

I had a very busy week at work. I can't hide how stress and upset I am because of some reasons. I'm grateful I have my family, friends, and my Gyun-Wo to make me smile, laugh, and to remind me to be always happy especially this Christmas season! It's a tiring day at work, but in the end, I had a happy day, thanks to Gyun-Wo! 

If I remember it right, I know that last year I wrote about my life from January to December 2010, and I'm going to do that too for this year. I need to check my entries per month, this will help my poor memory remember the blessings that were given to me.

For now, I need to end this entry because my sister who came home just now is waiting for her turn to use Reene so she can check her accounts to different social networking and blogging sites. Haha!

If I'm not busy or lazy tomorrow, I'll start blogging about my life in year 2011! Hehe! OMG, I'm not really a good writer, I don't know how to end this! Haha! Anyway, good night my dear diary, I need to sleep now, I need to rest my eyes. I have to help Mama prepare the food for our Noche Buena tomorrow! I can't believe it's already Christmas this Sunday! I love it! Happy Birthday Jesus Christ! We love you! I love you! ^^

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