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2012 Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn horoscope for 2012
Being very ambitious, you have planned your career rightly from the beginning. You seem to be happy and content with your success. The good news is that the trend is likely to continue in 2012. Your domestic front cause you some concern, but, nothing big to worry about. You may become more conscious about health this year, and may even plan to shed a few kilos. The year also indicates socialising, parties and outings with friends. Overall a decent year in offing. 

Home and domestic life
This year, you may have to deal with some challenging situations at the home front. Planetary positions suggest shifting of home, jobs or cities, or even buying or renting a new property, renovation of home etc. The fixed earth sign in you will not like this change. Don't be stressed, though, and take things as they come. Your wildly swinging moods may not do you much good; keep a tab on them. Try and relax, and whenever you get time employ Yoga, meditation and physical exercise to feel truly blessed. Spend more time with your family to divert your attention from other demanding issues.

Love life
You need not worry when it comes to the realm of love this year. Your marriage equation is going to be positive. Barring a few mundane disparities of views, married couples can hope to have a peaceful conjugal life. Yet the need for some space and independence in marriage or a committed relationship cannot be overruled. Singles, on the other hand, may find a perfect match for themselves in 2012. But, wait before you say 'I Do'. The planets do not favour wedding plans. It would be best to wait, watch and bide your time. And, planets promise that the time will be wonderful. Enjoy a year of courtship! 

If you feel stressed and jittery, blame it on your health issues. Your health has been a cause of concern for you. The trend may not alter drastically, but things are definitely on the track of improvement now. You may see your loved ones fretting for you, and this may touch your heart, and make you more determined to get healthier and fitter. Regulate your lifestyle and everything that counts, and you may see things getting better. Rest is also very important, and you tend to forget that. Delegate your work! 

Career And finance
The year 2012 brings a lot of lucrative business prospects for you. You can use your skills and expertise to the optimum to earn profitable returns. Investments, real estate and share market may draw your attention. Promotions and increments too are on their way. However, be careful about financial matters as a few challenges are foreseen, especially if you lend your money to friends. Calculated risks are not a bad idea, but invest your trust wisely. 

You may not have been exploring your spiritual side to the maximum extent. You need to be sincere. Concentrate more if you wish your prayers to be heard. Try to rid yourself of the negative emotions. Rather involve yourself in creative or artistic activities, and see yourself relaxing. Developing peace and harmony in your life should be your aim!

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nishajain said...

I am Capricorn female.Thanks for your advices and tricks.I heard gemstone improves fortune I would like to know which gemstone suits a female capricorn.

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