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Cheska and Doug Kramer

This is Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer's Wedding Video that I love watching over and over again! Their wedding is so simple yet elegant. Their wedding vows are cute, funny, and sweet. I love how they kissed each other. I love that there is Fireworks display. I just love it! Cheska Garcia is one of my celebrity crushes! I know that I've posted this video last year, but I want to re-post it again. Some of my friends at work sent me links of Wedding Videos of some celebrities and some people we know so I decided to watch this particular video again for the nth time! Hahaha! They said (Girl Friends) when it's their turn to be a Bride, they also want a video like this...and so do I! Hahaha! ^.~

Here are their Romantic Wedding Vows:
Cheska: "Doug, the day I met you was the day I met my true love. You're everything I wanted, someone I talk to, laugh with, have a quiet time with... You're my confidant, someone to share my dreams with, and most of all, my number one fan."/"I knew when we got together, that you were the one for me. I could never imagine a day without you. Today, my fairy dream has begun and my prince is now my king."
Doug: "Your tantrums are out of this world, but I would painfully, gladly, put up with it, because you're my comfort, my partner, my best friend, my confidant, and my number one cheer leader. These things I give to you today, all the days of our life. I love you."/ "I love you. You are my best friend. You're my partner in everything I do. Today I give myself to you in marriage.

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