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My New Haircut!

Good Morning! TGIF! Haha! I loooooove Fridaaaaaaays! Anyway, since I'm not yet busy doing my tasks for today, this is a great time to blog something about my life these days! Topic? Hmmm.. let's start with my new haircut! Yay! Haha! I'm someone who likes trying different hairstyles. I don't like having only one for the rest of my life. Here is the proof that I've tried a lot of different styles though they may look the same sometimes.

For one year I've been having this curly long hair and just this Monday I realize that I need a new look for this year. I want to try something different. I've had enough of my long curls. Then I started asking Google on what style will look good on someone like me with a chubby and round face. I saw a lot that I liked and I posted some of the images on my previous blog entry New Haircut for 2012. I planned to try a very short bob but when I think about the shape of my face I'm worried that I might not look good. I want to have my new haircut as soon as possible because I'm excited and I'm really determined to cut it so short. Last January 18, Wednesday, as I got home I told my Mom that I have to go to Salon near our place and I need her help in deciding which new hairstyle will look good on me. I let her choose between two pictures. The first one is a shoulder length, layered with bangs, and the other one is a one-length short haircut. She chose the second one. 
Haircut No. 1
Haircut No. 2
We went to Twins Salon where I usually go when having a haircut but unfortunately the haircutter that I like is not around so we went to Miss Sha's salon. Miss Sha is my favorite make-up artist and hair stylist. Since high school she's been doing my make-up and hairstyle during special events. We waited for more than 30minutes because there are two customers that were there. I'm third on the list. As I told her that I want a short haircut, she asked if I'm sure about it and I said 'Yes.' After waiting, she checked on the picture of the style I like and she started cutting my hair. I didn't feel sad while she's doing it, rather I'm so excited to see my new look! While she's busy with what she's doing she's telling us stories about her boyfriend. Then after few minutes of cutting my long curls, as I look in the mirror, I smiled and I'm so happy with what I saw. It's still me but with different haircut! I just love it! Mom said I look pretty on it. My sister and my Papa also told me that its a good hairstyle. It's new and I look younger than my age. I'm so happy! Haha! The last time that I had this kind of haircut was when I was still a grade school student (Grade 4). Here is my new haircut! What do you think? :P

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